Which Richard Wright Are You?

Honored to have been involved in this Richard Wright celebration/ experience.
“07. 11. 2019 at the @theredwheelbarrowbookstore, just opposite the Luxembourg gardens, a group of Richard Wright readers gathered to celebrate his work and legacy. The event was organized by Ellen Hervé Wright, the author’s granddaughter and hosted by Jake Lamar. The readers and speakers were : – Jake Lamar – Ellen Hervé- Wright – Wendy Johnson – Julia Browne – Pap N’Diaye – Monique Wells – Shirley Dauger – Zachary Miller – Gwen Sampè and Aldridge Hansberry – Malik Crumpler – Ricki Stevenson – Silver Wainhouse. A unique moment of sharing différent aspects of Richard Wright’s fictîon, non-fiction and poetry. 2020 will be the 80th anniversary of Native Son and the 60th anniversary of Richard Wright’s untimely death. Hopefully, it will be an opportunity for other events to be organized by Richard Wright fans.” -Ellen Hervé- Wright