THE WIRE magazine reviews ((((FACTS)))))

Immeasurable thanks The Wire magazine for this insightful & illuminating review about our new album, ((((FACTS))))) in Issue 418. Massive thanks to all the artists/abolitionists that creatively contributed to the album= Matt Moat & Def Pressé, Bruce Edward Sherfield, Jay Cee, Nicole Goodwin, Elgin Wayne Giles, Jamika Ajalon, Cecilia Anne, Lorin Benedict, Pete Simpson, Kirsty Allison, Matt Fidler, Leon Atter, Ross Orton, Tom Dryden, Laura Moat, Kevin Ramsay, David Michel-Ruddy & all y’all who consistently inspire us & support our work.
(((((Infinite MERCI BEAUCOUPS}}}}}}}}}

(((((Have An Exceptionally Inspiring & Productive Day)))))))