Hey Phyllis,
wish i could be there today
so i could make this clear,
but since i’m stuck in Berkeley, California
i must do it here…

“Berkeley Books Of Paris is
Paris, the way it was and the way it has to be
home to the native and the refugee
home to the once voiceless
who in there, uncloaks and shares
readin’ speakin’ smokin’ drinkin’ thinkin’
“Here, I am who and what I must be
Here, I am seen for what others refuse to see.”

Berkeley Books Of Paris is
amber pages composed of obsidian mirrors
forged by determined honest minds
that fought and fight relentlessly to redefine
colorless colors genderless voices shapeshiftin’
articulatin’ ourselves in our dangerous times
fightin’ to provide constellations for navigatin’
ourstory with our voices while never fittin’ into
arbitrary or ambivalent corporate designs.

Berkeley Books Of Paris is
a sacred vibe, full of ancient
and contemporary scribes
who be hangin’ out talkin’ craft,
collectin’ courage
inspirin’ one another to
extend beyond our paths
challengin’ each other to be
boundless as quantum math
when expressin’ our truest lies
and our purest laughs
recommendin’ books, events and even
people to meet
so we can thrive in our struggles and
collectively defeat, defeat.”