Here is a brief video from the bridge reading in Istanbul.
& Yo, Teşekkürler to all the ill artist I met out in Istanbul yall are on FIRE with duende, inspiration and motivation, the show on Thursday night was crazy packed, Raki and EFES and Hasheesh in the middle of the packed streets! Yall get it in! Abandoned loft gigs until 5 in the morning! Istanbul’s art scene reminds me of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn in 2000-2006 back before Bloomberg won his disgusting war against young honest artist, banishing the new, young and creative from the city, back when cats were squatting in Harlem, LES, Williamsburg Long Island City and Bushwick, putting on all their own shows and depending  on no one and no thing to validate their crafts and therefor existence, when artist never slept, chained smoked and drank coffee and (other things) all day and all night and maniacally partying and chasing inspiration and hunting their personal muse and… Well you get the point Teşekkürler TÜRKIYE!!!!! çok Teşekkürler!!!!!

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