SCARAB, new album by Khalil Anthony now Available


A nine-track remix album curated by the outstanding Khalil Anthony, remixed by ten effervescent musicians and producers; traversing New York, Amsterdam, Manchester, Paris, Chicago, Johannesburg, Oakland, Accra and Sheffield, presented by Urban Folk Music & Black Beacon Sound. 

As a small independent electronic label, we rest firmly on the shoulders of giants. Those giants are geniuses. And those geniuses are black. Without them, there’d be no hip-hop, no house, no funk, no techno. In fact, the music we love would be nothing without the genius of black people, so we owe them more than we could ever hope to repay. 

Our latest release is a prime example of this. ‘SCARAB’ features a core of amazing black artists remixing the songs of an incredible black polymath, Khalil Anthony. And yet it is these people who will be discriminated against purely because of their skin colour. They will be passed over for opportunities just because they’re black. They will be treated with fear and suspicion just because they’re black. They will be arrested, tasered and, in the case of America, shot and even choked to death just because they’re black. This is a…  more
released June 9, 2020 

All original music written by Khalil Anthony. 

Additional production on each track completed by subsequent remix artists: Apta, Rimarkable, Awotwi, Afrikan Sciences, Fred Buddha, Marcel Vogel, Brother Aten, Sh8peshifter, Malik Ameer Crumpler & Black Beacon Sound. 

Artwork by Benny Maths. 
Album cover design by Khalil Anthony. 

Tracks 2, 5 & 8 mixed by Dave Evans. 
All tracks mastered by Dave Evans.