This collection of raps which go right back to the old skool is the best poetry collection you’ll buy this year…DJ MAG
“…the philosophical, sophisticated, and deeply-affecting rhymes found in Malik Ameer Crumpler’s Beneath The Underground [is a] reflection on the meaning of the contents of this captivating release…” –Across The Margin
“Highly recommended for fans of the literary works of Saul Williams, Ursula Rucker, Amiri Baraka, Gil Scott-Heron.Black Nerd Problems
“This year, the Bay Area-born Crumpler released his first book of raps, Beneath The Underground: Collected Raps 2000 – 2018, and I interviewed him about the influence of San Francisco on his work”- [PANK] magazine
“HIS new BOOK walks the line of poetry and rap..” Cold Lips Online
“Beneath the Underground is an over the top, high spin of cosmic stars, the deepest blue soundwave of subterranean see and sky that resonates in the soul and dares to lift the spirit beyond the Beyond. This is the ultimate dope, the opium of The People’s Church, the call and response of its many tribes–Oakland Tribe, Harlem Tribe, Paris Tribe– and all the new ancients whose holy echoes may be heard in the rhythm and drumroll of his every syllable. Not just another cellophane rapper, Crumpler seeks transparency in his fervent sincerity and healing heart. His ‘I’’ is not that of Ego, but there but for the Grace of you go Eye. His every word spoken and un celebrating the fragile strength and fullness of Life. Tops ! ” –Antonia Alexandra Klimenko (Spoken Word Paris Co-Curator )
((((Inevitable Mutations)))) Act II (B’AM, Paris 2015)
((((Inevitable Mutations))) Act I  (On point, Brussels 2015)
§§§§LOCKED LANGUAGE§§§§§ (B’AM, Paris 2014)
Locked Language- Malik Crumpler
LITTLE EVERYWHERE (An Improvised Opera 2014)
Amber Hymns (Satori Ideas, N.Y. 2011)
“Malik Crumpler’s Amber Hymns is a difficult collection to describe: sprawling through an urban chaos in which music and language combine, it is a bold attempt to codify a human experience where reality and spirituality exist both within and outside the mind. The work flows through many states, with Crumpler informing us that ‘Fire informs the chaos | that will permit | your new form to form’. The self is purged and a renewal is enacted: the motif of the phoenix and the owl – symbolic of resurrection and of death – abound the text.” –EGOIST REVIEW, Cambridge England
Poems, Fiction, Prose, Word Experiments
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Quail Bell Magazine 2017
Twelve Years A ClerkConsolation Prize, P.T.A.S.D., O, United Goldfish Of America, Cores,  Interview with a Goddess, Inevitable Mutations Act 1 & 2
Rappers Anonymous 2014-2017
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JOURNALISM 2017-2019
A Feel of the In-Between: An Interview With Juice Aleem  The Opiate 2019, About That Vibe (Leon Bridges Interview)  At Large Magazine, Neutron Star Cold Lips Online, Uncloakin’ Beneath The Underground Across The Margin, JONATHAN FINLAYSON’S SONIC GALLERIESJONATHAN FINLAYSON’S SONIC GALLERIES (2),  Beyond Being Woke (Lauryn Hill) , Beyond Being Woke (Lauryn Hill 2), GANGSTER RAP-HEGEMONY CIRCA 1980,  GANGSTER RAP-HEGEMONY CIRCA 1980 (2),  GANGSTER RAP-HEGEMONY CIRCA 1980  (3),  The Mild Party  2017, GHOSTFACE KILLAH-THE RAP BLACKSMITH,  TRANSATLANTIC POETRY 
Malik Crumpler also wrote & performed several musicals, monologues, ballets/ arias, writing workshops, music workshops & discussions commissioned by:

L’Air Arts Paris ResidencyMelodic Distraction Radio Liverpool U.K., Black Beacon Sound  Sheffield U.K., Blues sur Seine  Aubergenville, France, “Which Richard Wright Are You?” Paris, France, Lycée Collège Montaigne,  Oxford Brookes University: TORCH Cultural Diversity in Literature: A Discussion, Oxford Writers House Paris Lit Up Showcase Oxford University, New Writing South: Writers Day Workshops & Q&A “Strong Words”, Brighton, England Shakespeare & Company Writing Workshop featured writer, Paris, France  Shakespeare & Company Paris Lit Up Writing Workshop Host, Paris France,  Paris Lit Up Richard Wrighting: A Haiku Dialogue, Catullus & Zukofsky: Performing translation for Berkeley Books Of Paris FundraiserHarvest Works NYC, Gilles Peterson BBC 6 London, UK  World Wide Radio London, UK, Inter-Zones, Paris, France, Arat Kilo  Festival ENRACINEMENT / DÉRACINEMENT – DÉPLACEMENT (3e édition)  Orléans, France, Arat Kilo Festival Jazz sous les pommiers Normandie, France, Spoken Word Paris  “A 21st Century Underground Railroad Meeting Analyzing The Paradox Of Violence “ Paris, France,  L’Openbach Ecocentric Festival Paris, FranceComposers Now NYC, Firehouse SpaceBrooklyn NY,Dixon PlaceNYC, Liberation Dance Theater NYC, Association of Performing Arts Professionals NYC, Native Tongue Brooklyn Actors Fund Theater,  Rush Arts Galleries NYC, Love Yourself Project NYC, Panoply Lab Brooklyn NY, B’AM Paris, France B’AM Vancouver, Canada On-PointBrussels, Belgium MayWay Records Kortrijk, Belgium Black Beacon SoundSheffield, UK & Double Wei Factory, Hong Kong, China.

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