((((Inevitable Mutations)))) Act II (BAM, Paris, 2015)

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Exhausted Poet and Painter gold out postrapping,

Autobiography of an Endangered species
Forced to mutate in order to
survive in and thrive in the feces
Canvasses and notepads,
Always masking appearing to be stacking
Degrees and debt
Lady liberty on welfare
blowing Hash taking selfies
with her pregnant homies in the projects
Posting updates like,
“Other me this, Other me that
post folk post country post blues post rap
post attacks… John Henry,
when I Pull the hammer back
enter the mirage my visage stay
code switching­… Facts.

short film featured @ Quail Bell Magazine

((((Inevitable Mutations))) Act I (On point, Brussels, 2015)


The brush is not enough

 short film featured on Quail Bell Magazine



(BAM, Paris, 2014)

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Locked Language- Malik Crumpler

I do
not suffer
i do all i can to conjure them
and keep them entertained
“stay you fleeters
be swelling and always overwhelming
impress me with more than
your mere presence
let us interview one another
essence to essence”

LITTLE EVERYWHERE (ANAÏS EDITION) – (Satori Ideas, New York, 2014)



When she struck
her drum
Them Fields let loose
the sacred hollers
ancient medicines produced
from the ethers
Musics rained
Poets swarmed
Mystics took up arms
This is how
the now
was born.




We do not speak
to make you cry
We live a laugh
To die alive.”
“Malik Crumpler’s Amber Hymns is a difficult collection to describe: sprawling through an urban chaos in which music and language combine, it is a bold attempt to codify a human experience where reality and spirituality exist both within and outside the mind… Crumpler’s writing is elusive and abstract, rarely settling on a single idea or image, forcing the reader himself to dance between the poet’s strains of thought.” –Egoist Review, England 2012
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