Poeting against the historical & contemporary worship of Violent Men @ Spoken Word Paris 08.10.2018

Massive mercis, Sabine Dundure for these energetic photos!
& once again, maaaaaad thanks to the Spoken Word Paris fam’ for another memorable evening.
For the folks that weren’t there=Here’s some CONTEXT= On October 8th, 2018 this photo was taken mid-poem about the ceaseless insanity of global societies worshipping Violence through monuments & holidays devoted to/honoring some of the worlds most Violent men in HIStory= aka C. Columbus & the like= AKA= Overstand 1492. (Oh, also went in on Mutineer State Of Mind, a rap from the new Madison Washington album & my book, Beneath The Underground.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who came out & took part in that 21st Century Underground Railroad meeting celebrating Amiri Baraka’s bornday & the energy to resists & hopefully one day overcome, or simply abandon our disgusting human dependency & obsession with Violence.

(((((Have An Inspiring & Productive Weekend/Week}}}}}}}}}