HOODOO HOLLER 1000 views and counting

After four years Hoodoo Holler attained 1000 views the honest way, with no algorhithms or paid for hits and views, just strict endurance and entertainment.

Thanks to all the folks who made this video possible, especially David Michel-Ruddy who filmed, co-directed and co-produced it with me! Also thanks to the galleries in Brooklyn that featured the work as installations and the web blogs that featured it as well. But most of all thanks to the spirits and ancestors that compelled me and allowed me to be of service to the cause of Nommo-ing, Going Grain, Hoodoo Hollerin’ and Dancin’ about it!

((((((((((((!!!!!ROSE THE MASTER!!!!!!))))))))))))))))

lyrics from ALL THE WAY recorded in 1998 by ROSE available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ebone4151
“The playbook look like hugs and kisses/ and in a word on 30 inches/ what a thug misses/ (is check it out ) whatever happened in the past it was negligible/ cuz I’da seen the light if i didnt never kicked it with you/ (get em up hit em up) (how long?) How long?/ TIME WILL GET AT YOU LIKE, “FRIEND MOVE ON!”/ Eyeing my shorty on the up and in zone/ But more like shocked, I took the all for me/ and made it raw for me/ cuz they all for me/ we drop forward hits/ coming in coming out/ coming out? Which direction depend on the block/ Baby’s Montana at games/ hit Rice on the wangs/ light shining off everythang/ I mean -I mean it’s like Key lime envy in my path for cav/ got the heater in the pie but they cant crack crust/ 99 yard dash but you still got one/ through a minefield dealing with the real LIGHT ONE/ …hold on though. CHORUS: HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY THE WAY THE WAAAAAAAAAY” -ROSE {THE SINSEI since 1996} (my biggest lyrical and production inspiration of all time bar none!)

NEW ISSUE OF “THOSE THAT THIS” UP AND UPDATED ((((((((((!!!!ENJOY IN JOY!!!!!!!)))))))))))))))

:::Quarterly Arts View::

                                  ISSUE  III

                                          ::::: {{{{{iii))(((( :::: SEPTEMBER. 2013

“Because a new language is everything. When you can migrate to a new language, that’s it.” -H. Threadgill


featuring works by

Lexi Lambros, Çınla Akdere, Zolimyn Kaa, Lizzy Ashliegh, Mu Gadu, KREAUX, GAJA MEGHA, and Vlach/Liberation Dance Theatre.