OLAS UN BE KON Hip Hop Blog features & reviews “Drapetomania” by The Unseen feat. Malik Ameer for Digital Cratediggin’

Just found this new 2020 feature & brief review of my first legit label released album/ lyric booklet “Drapetomania” by The Unseen on #HipHopInfinity” released back in 2001 (I was 19 years young then living with my parents & older brother Balance, in Oakland California) with all music, production & mixing from THE UNSEEN= myself, Alex Foster (piano, bass, keyboard, arrangements + AKAI MPC 2000 drum programming ) BALANCE (on production & the Mpc 2000) & lastly, guitar from 3/5 Human!

Massif merci beaucoup  Olas un Bekons & The Digital Cratediggin’ fam‘ for the brief yet wonderfully honest review. Eye never thought that 20 years later it’d find ears, but eye’m beyond gracious & humbled that it has.

Immeasurable Thanks to everyone who worked on this album especially Jay Seagraves & Noyz319 for creating an unmatched outlet for all Us weird, bizarre, experimental underground rappers, who deliberately developed so-called “Internet Rap” on forum boards offered by all those underground Hip Hop websites such as Hip Hop Infinity, UGSMAG, UKHH & on & on.

(((((((((BLESS UP Y’ALL}}}}}}}}