Manderley Collective’s video for “-after Thoughts: Literary Homage & Ancestry” hosted by Carrie Chappell featuring Fork Burke, Che Yuen, Ashley M. Jones, Jennifer Huang, Alison Grace Koehler & Malik Ameer Crumpler.

Massive mercis Manderley CollectiveCarrie Chappell & all the incredibly inspiring poets that gathered in Zoom, to zoom in on ways for honoring Literary Ancestry, Poetic Craft & Process! 
Can’t wait to watch this video & take notes on the endless ideas expressed by  Fork Burke, Jennifer Huang, Ashley M. JonesAlison Koehler & Che Yuen.
Bottom line= If you need an inspirational boost to your writing diet, press play & dig on these insightful & wonderfully encouraging poets  hive mind session about expressing ourselves, our times, our inspirations, our inner-minds, the cosmos, our artistic lineage, resisting/ avoiding the spread of toxic philosophies & clearly investigating our imaginations via poetry.

BON WeEk &
{{{{{{Enjoy In Joy Y’all)))))))