‘Making from the Mess’ a Techne conference in London conducted by Cécile Vrr & Camille Adnot

From chaos/mess, inevitably arises organic order…
Had a marvelously inspiring time working on, ‘Making from the Mess’ Camille Adnot‘s recorded anthology of ancient poeting/ reading/ recitation/ conjuring.
Multi-merci beaucoups Camille Adnot for including me in this wonderfully curated poetic-mess & madness/magic with all these fabulously sincere poets. – Malik Ameer Crumpler

So excited to have taken part in Techne conference ‘Making from the Mess’ today in London, among plenty of brilliant minds! 😀 Cécile Vrr and I were thrilled to present our audio collage ‘In the beginning… there was the Mess,’ a poetic soundscape of beginnings with overlapping quotes from poems from all around the world, which we were able to make thanks to our amazing and inspirational team of readers who lent us their voices for recordings. We are extremely thankful to Fedorah PhilippeauxBruce Edward SherfieldImane GuermoudiElsa CazeneuveMalik CrumplerAthol WilliamsRethabile MasiloAmruta PrabhuCésar EduardoThibaut NarmeMatt JonesAudrey Jarre, Rufo Quintavalle, and Rob Watt for participating in this project. Our audio story of creation is 43 minutes long and it was a wild journey editing it, sparking the desire to do more of the same in the future (I’m seriously thinking of creating a YouTube channel for more experimental poetic recordings experiences). Massive thanks to all of you! And anyone who is interested in this project l, I can send you the file!  -Camille Adnot Phd.