Finishing “Little Everywhere everythinging into the IS”



photograph by Nathan Paul

Wearing celebratory custom cap while finishing late night edits on the last poem (written earlier that day at the MET in the Canova exhibit at the urgent suggestion of Aziza Azim) entitled “WITH MYSTICAL CREATURES IN HER HEAD ALWAYS”  edited through the day, night and early morning in various night clubs, jazz clubs and bars in Manhattan, then finally polished off on facebook later that morning.

((((((((ENJOY IN JOY)))))))))))))))



“O Guardian
of the supernatural
protector of the Ever
expanding potentials
conjuring forth creative
principles born of
ancient asymmetrical swirls
each element restless
in the distance reaching
to activate unpredictable
unseen transitions
delegating responses to
Canova’s transmissions
earth rites left sun
offering faith forward
facilitating vigorous momentums
with the moon witnessing
our draped dreams breathing
encouraging cosmic winds
whose healings
resonate in the forevers
motivating sharp fabrics
to bend
unreliable inevitable
essential ends
so that each seasons cycle
may begin to begin.”

3/15/14 NYC


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