Listen Now To The Poetry Fest’ On CFRC 101.9

Dig this Radio Poetry Reading Fest’ on CFRC 101.9fm, wonderfully curated & programmed by Bruce Kauffman.
Merci beaucoup Amy Barry for the connects and poems.
(((((Bon Weekend}}}}}}}}}}

“May 31, 2019, second hour of a two hour show, featuring and continuing with the May 7th ‘and the journey continues’ open mic reading, you’ll hear the remaining readings of the second and final round that evening: Lyle Merriam, Chantel Lavoie, Tia Lunn, Jill Glatt, Allison Chisholm, Michael Casteels, and Bruce Kauffman. Following that, I’ll air a couple of recorded poems by a Paris, France poet – Malik Ameer Crumpler, and following his poems I’ll share work from a few of the cd’s of other poet’s work I have.” -~ by findingavoiceoncfrcfm on May 31, 2019.