((((((((((({{{{LAVEAU-ING}}}})))))))))))"When Little Marie looked outThe Out looked backX’s all over that first contactBesides the crushed stonesBeneath the burnt treesDanced all the everythingsThat ever could or would beWhen she struckher drumThem Fields let loose the sacred hollers (((((((((((!I!I!I!I!I!I!I))))))))))ancient medicines producedfrom the ethersMusics rainedPoets swarmedMystics took up armsThis is how the now was born.”-Another monopoem from Little Everywhere… still in progress.

“When Little Marie looked out
The Out looked back
X’s all over that first contact

Besides the crushed stones
Beneath the burnt trees
Danced all the everythings
That ever could or would be

When she struck
her drum
Them Fields let loose
the sacred hollers
ancient medicines produced
from the ethers
Musics rained
Poets swarmed
Mystics took up arms
This is how
the now
was born.”

-Another monopoem from Little Everywhere… still in progress.


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