Kirsty Allison’s “INDEPENDENCE NOW” for AIM UK/ Jager UK/ Soho Radio Label Lodge 2020.

Had blast participating in Kirsty’s interview-collage/ program on Independence Now with the always impeccable Kirsty Allison.
In other words=

Had a blast chatting with Kirsty Allison in this incredibly insightful Soho Radio event arranged by the always on-point Kirsty Allison for Soho Radio Association of Independent Music Jäger Soho x.
As Kirsty put it, in her most recent post, the radio show/interview collage, “premiered “Wed 2-3pm GMT the first time you ever heard #vagrantlovers recorded music when @kirstyallison_ talks INDEPENDENCE NOW with renegade stars @jimsclavunos @malikcrumpler @skullhotel and @danielle_de_picciotto 🧬🌱👁 #aimawards #aimawards2020 @jagermeisteruk @aim_insta_uk #jagersoho @sohoradio #labellodge #independence #indie #dependentonwhat#kirstyallison “

P.S. also features the premiere of one of many collaborative songs @VagrantLovers aka= Kirsty AllisonGil De Ray & myself have been brewing up for the last year or so.
{{{{{ENJOY IN JOY))))))
I’m off to vaccance in the early morning, will be offline for the next two weeks, SO BLESS UP Y’ALL
Until Thee Others return