Thanks to all the artists who participated in this new eighth issue of now up, featuring these wild wonderful works from Camille Hoffman Rethabile Masilo Doublewei SuperJin Sabine Dundure Photography Kimarlee Nguyen Daniel Belquer Cristina Vremes Sam FarhiFrances A. Perez Kai Mills Jeffrey Neilson Daniel Vidal Soto Shannon Gray Collier David Simard Alex Seel Lauriel Michele Artist/Musician Teresa Tulipano Godefrey Dronsart Lise Vanderpiete Edgar Garcia Pauline Miko and more 
(((((((((((ENJOY IN JOY))))))))))))) 
and if ever you get inspired and feel like sharing your work with us do so!

'@[139100420:2048:Camille Hoffman]'
'@[197060440486666:274:Sabine Dundure Photography]'


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