First night reciting the Zep Tepi section of “Love and Money” performance with Jacinta Vlach/ Liberation Dance Theater


This photo is from the first of three nights of the “LOVE AND MONEY”  performances  with Jacinta Vlach at The Actors Fund Arts CenterActivating the web of creation/ Shen Ring and opening the outdoor into the IN of existence. The poem I was reciting went something like this,

Before all
the befores
Before things
that required names
Before any
of the anythings
Before any matter
came to matter
Before existence
Before unions
knew unity
Setting in motion
that initial thread
which spread fractaling
activating Neith
and the primal weaver
who formed
itself from itself
all else IS
Us who are
of the fabric
Through the fabric
((((US))) creating all times
before and beyond time
the original initial magic……..

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