glitch films

Collaboration between Malik Ameer & Design Bureau PSUIC.

Original video for Code Switchin’ (Northstar Bop) made by Malik Ameer.

Reading new poems at Berkeley Books Of Paris Oct. 8 2017

Weird HappYness featuring Leron Thomas.

iSacred: Sellin’ That Sacred. A video poem.

From the album 10,000 Hours + by Weird HappYness. Video & trumpets by Leron Thomas, all other sounds by Weird HappYness.

Close to 20 years deep in this Rap game, Malik Ameer is putting out that next level, raw, conscious Hip-Hop shit for 2014 & beyond” –IMAGEYENATION.COM 

Performed @ #Harvestworks Digital media Arts Center SOHO – NYC April 17th 2016. Shot & Edited by Asukaya Bailey (Luminous Velocity)

Dude is a real freethinker, & he represents some futuristic Kemetic science on some modern day X Clan shit on his newest single & video (((((((((NON TIME==:::: ZEP TEPI(((((((((.”  –IMAGEYENATION.COM 

Location: Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn NY Shot by: Panoply Lab & Luminous Velocity Edited by: Luminous Velocity Summer 2015
Timeless: The Amiri Baraka Story is a short documentary that focuses on the evolution of Poet/Playwright/Activist/Political Organizer Amiri Baraka & controversy behind his poem, “Somebody Blew Up America”, which was published shortly after the attacks on September 11, 2001. Produced by Paulo Freire Tribeca Film Club. -2016 directed by Frank Hooker

“Little did we know Malik was such a bright spirit, going from poetry, over video making and music production, to writing and performing, and curating The video above had us asking quite a couple of questions, which we basically just sent to Malik, he then replied and well.. read along!” –ONPOINT 2014

Poem from Amber Hymns: Poems Prayers & Raps
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