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PLANTATION EARTH avec The Abolitionists directed by Malik Ameer Crumpler edited by Anaïs P. 2019


Divine Frankensteins feat. Nicole Goodwin directed by Malik Ameer Crumpler edited by Anaïs P. 2019


Collaboration video for Baytrified feat. JAYTOTHEC between Malik Ameer & Design Bureau PSUIC 2018.

Original video for Code Switchin’ (Northstar Bop) made by Malik Ameer Crumpler edited by Anaïs P. 2016

Original video for Cloaked Up directed by Malik Ameer Crumpler edited by Anaïs P. 2016

Reading new poems at Berkeley Books Of Paris Oct. 8 2017

Weird HappYness featuring Leron Thomas.

iSacred: Sellin’ That Sacred. A video poem.

From the album 10,000 Hours + by Weird HappYness. Video & trumpets by Leron Thomas, all other sounds by Weird HappYness.

Close to 20 years deep in this Rap game, Malik Ameer is putting out that next level, raw, conscious Hip-Hop shit for 2014 & beyond” –IMAGEYENATION.COM 
“Do me a favor and go to #YouTube and check out my good friend Malik Crumpler’s new #Video . It is my favorite #song right now and I just gotta share! #Subterranean #Sutra #GodBeforeZeus #Music #SpaceAge #HipHop” – Peaceshine3 

Performed @ #Harvestworks Digital media Arts Center SOHO – NYC April 17th 2016. Shot & Edited by Asukaya Bailey (Luminous Velocity)

Dude is a real freethinker, & he represents some futuristic Kemetic science on some modern day X Clan shit on his newest single & video (((((((((NON TIME==:::: ZEP TEPI(((((((((.”  –IMAGEYENATION.COM 

Location: Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn NY Shot by: Panoply Lab & Luminous Velocity Edited by: Luminous Velocity Summer 2015
Timeless: The Amiri Baraka Story is a short documentary that focuses on the evolution of Poet/Playwright/Activist/Political Organizer Amiri Baraka & controversy behind his poem, “Somebody Blew Up America”, which was published shortly after the attacks on September 11, 2001. Produced by Paulo Freire Tribeca Film Club. -2016 directed by Frank Hooker

“Little did we know Malik was such a bright spirit, going from poetry, over video making and music production, to writing and performing, and curating The video above had us asking quite a couple of questions, which we basically just sent to Malik, he then replied and well.. read along!” –ONPOINT 2014

Poem from Amber Hymns: Poems Prayers & Raps

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