Eye’ll Be Hosting Paris Lit Up Open Mic featuring Tiffany Jegen 2nite

DECEMBER 27 we look to the future already, one full of more PLU open mics, always with unexpected and interesting performances that challenge our minds and inspire our pens. Tiffany Jegen will be our featured poet as we ready ourselves to step barefoot and vulnerable into 2019…

(Open mic sign-up starts 8pm, bums on seats 8.45pm.)


Originally from the States, Tiffany lives and works in a collective community of artists in the South of France. She uses the written word and conscious action to communicate that a peaceful and sustainable life lingers on in high corners and still-green patches. A former student of New York University and resident of Paris, Tiffany has tackled the city and the open mic scene, and hunkers down now, en plein nature, to continue work on her dystopian novel.
A lover of the absurd, her work considers schizophrenia, the relationship between acid and wine, and what it’s like to live without shoes. Her poetry is story-telling, delving into topics such as propriety, relativity, spontaneous dreadlock cutting, and quantum physics. Catch her as she returns to the city for a barefoot performance or two.