‘Def Pressé All- Stars 2020 featuring Malcolm X’ curated by Malik Ameer

Today, Bandcamp‘s giving 100% of their revenue share to the Artists & over at Def Pressé we’ll be donating our label-share to “Know Your Rights Camp” (which for some disturbing reason, Facebook’s algorithms won’t allow me to TAG in this message… sickeningly interesting isn’t that?) Here’s the direct link to “Know Your Rights Camp” https://www.facebook.com/yourrightscamp/
Just in case you’re not familiar with the music we do, here’s a Spotify Playlist eye just curated, ‘Def Pressé All- Stars 2020’, featuring classic wisdoms from Malcolm X & songs from the artists with Def Pressé 2017-2020= Madison Washington, Pan Amsterdam MusicCorey KingToni Sauna , TenseiAdadgetsbusyPaul Harden, Seven Divine, Kasual TeeCRL CRRLL.
Deep listen & get involved. https://defpresse.bandcamp.com.
Info KYRC – https://knowyourrightscamp.com