Currently I’m inspired by the new FREE CeeNeye album

I rarely do this, but I have to on this one! I’ve been waiting on this album since 2003 (when CeeNeye dropped his last album called Illuminations), back then I watched this man literally sell thousands of c.d.s all over the Bay out the trunk, the backpack, and the pockets. That album, “Illuminations” was {{{{{Fire))))) but even back then he was constantly talking about making this project one day…
All that being said, this is that new album and it is inspiring, banging, hilarious and full of classic moments detailing the humor and wit of one of the illest M.C./Producers I’ve had the pleasure of growing up with, constantly cyrphering with, being inspired by and working with since 1996. Download it, play it, bang it, do whatever you need to do, to emerse yourself in the outrageous humor, wit and wisdom of a “grown ass man” and his soulful sarcastic environment epitomized on    and  . Oh, and be prepared for some of your favorite soul joints to get sampled without being stranded or trapped in the 90’s… Yep the fusing of those contemporary and legendary eras is in full effect!
(((((((((Enjoy the VIBE))))))))))))))))))
(((((((((STAY INSPIRED)))))))))))))))))


by CeeNeye

Grandeur cover art

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