Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Louis Zukofsky’s translation of Catullus @ BERKELEY BOOKS OF PARIS FUNDRASIER

Had an exceptionally inspiring experience at the Berkeley Books of Paris fundraiser last night, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Louis Zukofsky’s translation of the works of Catullus, by duet-reciting 15 of Catullus’ poems with Angelo Vannini (in Latin & English). Still captivated by all the enthralling artist, teachers, bookies and bakers in attendance- what a wonderfully reciprocative audience… Always in awe of Phyllis Cohen‘s ceaseless motivation and encouragement, thus support of the Paris anglophone community.

Needless to say= also found 3 books I’ve been hunting for, for the last 5 years! Bought… Such is the way of BBOP.
So, all gushing aside, if you couldn’t make it out last night, get over there sooner than soon, buy some books, ask Phyllis for recommendations and experience the incredible vibe that is BBOP.

MASSIVE MERCI BEAUCOUP Micol Bez for curating the event and hosting us all. Ginormous mercis & immeasurable thanks, Phyllis Cohen for bridging and inspiring and generating all of this.

“BBOP is not just a place, or location
it is a destination for exponentially
expanding your imagination.”

– The Invisible One in the Empty Chair.
(((((Have An Inspiring Weekend & Week Y’all))))))))