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Kirsty Allison’s “INDEPENDENCE NOW” for AIM UK/ Jager UK/ Soho Radio Label Lodge 2020.

Had blast participating in Kirsty’s interview-collage/ program on Independence Now with the always impeccable Kirsty Allison.
In other words=

Had a blast chatting with Kirsty Allison in this incredibly insightful Soho Radio event arranged by the always on-point Kirsty Allison for Soho Radio Association of Independent Music Jäger Soho x.
As Kirsty put it, in her most recent post, the radio show/interview collage, “premiered “Wed 2-3pm GMT the first time you ever heard #vagrantlovers recorded music when @kirstyallison_ talks INDEPENDENCE NOW with renegade stars @jimsclavunos @malikcrumpler @skullhotel and @danielle_de_picciotto 🧬🌱👁 #aimawards #aimawards2020 @jagermeisteruk @aim_insta_uk #jagersoho @sohoradio #labellodge #independence #indie #dependentonwhat#kirstyallison “

P.S. also features the premiere of one of many collaborative songs @VagrantLovers aka= Kirsty AllisonGil De Ray & myself have been brewing up for the last year or so.
{{{{{ENJOY IN JOY))))))
I’m off to vaccance in the early morning, will be offline for the next two weeks, SO BLESS UP Y’ALL
Until Thee Others return 

MAINTENANT 14 featuring “#CONNAISSANCE DES TEMPS (AN INTERRUPTION)” by Malik Crumpler & Collage by Anaïs Pourrouquet

Honored to be featured amidst all these incroyable artists in that brand new Maintenant 14 via the brilliant DADAsThree Rooms Press.
Massive mercis for curating this absolutely fascinating & unpredictable art document/ time capsule Kat GeorgesPeter Carlaftes & all the DADA crew Three Rooms Press N.Y.
Massif mercis Anaïs Pourrouquet for the collage collaboration aussi.
Get your copy here=


Aujord’hui, i mean, eye mean= Maintenant, Scott T. Moncrieff on Thatmanmonkz / Shadeleaf Music unleashes “EXOSEMIOTICS E.P.” a new House/OUT music EP (just for Bandcamp Fridays) featuring myself goin’ in on a couple compositions & sound design, along with my BUILDABEARD bredren, Sam Farhi goin’ off, FLATBUSH BROOKLYN style on “DON’T DO THAT”. “Obrigado Menace” & “PHILOTE” sees Monkz goin’ full global gatherin’ jump off. Meanwhile “Cygnus Lion” is that Bowery “King’s Cross Bar” / Harlem nights vibe so many of the Avant-Gods Collective, used to step light with on the regular late nights in Manhattan… Dj Mari, know what eye mean…. HA!
So, whether you’re deep listenin’ or Heavy Dancin’ pah-leeeeeez enjoy our newest offerings, lot’s of sweaty Manhattan nights went into these grooves.
{{{{{BLESS UP et BON WEEKEND)))))))))))

“Or Have They Been” now available online in COLD LIPS ISSUE 5

Honored to be included in this incredible collection of printed expressions via words & printed visuals (don’t even get me started on the musical collaborations to soon be released). 
Massive mercis Sistar Kirsty Allison & the Cold Lips Fam’ in London!
Lookin’ forward to all that we’ll be releasin’ sooner than the lunar.

SCARAB, new album by Khalil Anthony now Available


A nine-track remix album curated by the outstanding Khalil Anthony, remixed by ten effervescent musicians and producers; traversing New York, Amsterdam, Manchester, Paris, Chicago, Johannesburg, Oakland, Accra and Sheffield, presented by Urban Folk Music & Black Beacon Sound. 

As a small independent electronic label, we rest firmly on the shoulders of giants. Those giants are geniuses. And those geniuses are black. Without them, there’d be no hip-hop, no house, no funk, no techno. In fact, the music we love would be nothing without the genius of black people, so we owe them more than we could ever hope to repay. 

Our latest release is a prime example of this. ‘SCARAB’ features a core of amazing black artists remixing the songs of an incredible black polymath, Khalil Anthony. And yet it is these people who will be discriminated against purely because of their skin colour. They will be passed over for opportunities just because they’re black. They will be treated with fear and suspicion just because they’re black. They will be arrested, tasered and, in the case of America, shot and even choked to death just because they’re black. This is a…  more
released June 9, 2020 

All original music written by Khalil Anthony. 

Additional production on each track completed by subsequent remix artists: Apta, Rimarkable, Awotwi, Afrikan Sciences, Fred Buddha, Marcel Vogel, Brother Aten, Sh8peshifter, Malik Ameer Crumpler & Black Beacon Sound. 

Artwork by Benny Maths. 
Album cover design by Khalil Anthony. 

Tracks 2, 5 & 8 mixed by Dave Evans. 
All tracks mastered by Dave Evans.

‘Def Pressé All- Stars 2020 featuring Malcolm X’ curated by Malik Ameer

Today, Bandcamp‘s giving 100% of their revenue share to the Artists & over at Def Pressé we’ll be donating our label-share to “Know Your Rights Camp” (which for some disturbing reason, Facebook’s algorithms won’t allow me to TAG in this message… sickeningly interesting isn’t that?) Here’s the direct link to “Know Your Rights Camp”
Just in case you’re not familiar with the music we do, here’s a Spotify Playlist eye just curated, ‘Def Pressé All- Stars 2020’, featuring classic wisdoms from Malcolm X & songs from the artists with Def Pressé 2017-2020= Madison Washington, Pan Amsterdam MusicCorey KingToni Sauna , TenseiAdadgetsbusyPaul Harden, Seven Divine, Kasual TeeCRL CRRLL.
Deep listen & get involved.
Info KYRC –

Manderley Collective’s video for “-after Thoughts: Literary Homage & Ancestry” hosted by Carrie Chappell featuring Fork Burke, Che Yuen, Ashley M. Jones, Jennifer Huang, Alison Grace Koehler & Malik Ameer Crumpler.

Massive mercis Manderley CollectiveCarrie Chappell & all the incredibly inspiring poets that gathered in Zoom, to zoom in on ways for honoring Literary Ancestry, Poetic Craft & Process! 
Can’t wait to watch this video & take notes on the endless ideas expressed by  Fork Burke, Jennifer Huang, Ashley M. JonesAlison Koehler & Che Yuen.
Bottom line= If you need an inspirational boost to your writing diet, press play & dig on these insightful & wonderfully encouraging poets  hive mind session about expressing ourselves, our times, our inspirations, our inner-minds, the cosmos, our artistic lineage, resisting/ avoiding the spread of toxic philosophies & clearly investigating our imaginations via poetry.

BON WeEk &
{{{{{{Enjoy In Joy Y’all)))))))