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Cabaret Voltaire: Episode II  Hosted by L’OpenBa


The Cabaret Voltaire. Under this name a group of young artists and writers has formed with the object of becoming a hub for artistic entertainment. In principle, the Cabaret will be run by artists who will give musical or literary performances. artists in Paris, of all tendencies, are invited to join us with suggestions and proposals.

Entrance is a suggested 5€ (no one will be refused) This will cover the cost of the prinitng the zine.

Episode II Continues with a mix of Theatre, comedy, music, and the absolution of sins. A zine by the same name will also be released.

Le Cabaret Voltaire. Un groupe de jeunes artistes et des auteurs s’est formé sous ce nom, avec le but de devenir un centre pour le divertissement artistique. En principe, le Cabaret sera joué par des artistes aux performances musicales ou littéraires. Tous les artistes présents à Paris, de toutes les tendances, sont invités à se joindre à nous avec suggestions et propositions.
Isak Joneborg
George Colebrook
Michelle Lynch
Malik Crumpler
Sam Michaux
Sophia Dunn-Walker
Mark Norman Harris
Stavroulini Karatheodorou
Sam Ely
Mickael Re Mil
Lara Azar

Makeup by Alina Mozgovaya

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