BAM 2013-2014 a book of, by and on the Paris, France residency

BAM 2013-2014

Paperback, 117 Pages
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The testimony of the first year of the Break’Art Mix Residency. What’s going on here? We host for free, in our intimate home located in the heart of Paris, artists from all around the world with all kinds of influences and mediums. In this first year, the BAM saw visual artists, performers, musicians, writers, dancers, and more. During their stay, we managed to introduce them to our circles and to organize at least one show to present their work created while in residence. Our main purpose is to connect the “BAMers” with each other and bring them supplementary tools to develop new artistic projects and expand their perspective. To put it in a nutshell, BAM is an united and whole artistic network outside conventions. A sounding reverie built BAM and we are still living this dream! Not depending on outside fundraising, we have the privilege to be the most stubbornly ourselves, sincere and authentic with our choices and relations with the artists. D&A

featuring poetic works of mine from when I was with the residency in April 14th to May 2nd (((((((((((enjoy INJOY)))))))))))))))

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