Thanks to all the artists who participated in this new eighth issue of now up, featuring these wild wonderful works from Camille Hoffman Rethabile Masilo Doublewei SuperJin Sabine Dundure Photography Kimarlee Nguyen Daniel Belquer Cristina Vremes Sam FarhiFrances A. Perez Kai Mills Jeffrey Neilson Daniel Vidal Soto Shannon Gray Collier David Simard Alex Seel Lauriel Michele Artist/Musician Teresa Tulipano Godefrey Dronsart Lise Vanderpiete Edgar Garcia Pauline Miko and more (((((((((((ENJOY IN JOY))))))))))))) and if ever you get inspired […]

New Poem published in The Opiate: Spring 2015

Check out the first volume of the Opiate featuring some wonderful writers and a new poem from me. The Opiate: Spring 2015, Vol. 1 $ 10.00 Quantity The first issue of literary quarterly The Opiate, featuring poems and fiction by Hannah Lillith Assadi, Henry Giardina, Malik Crumpler, Armando Jaramillo Garcia, Rob Crawford, Camille Narvarro, Andre […]


Thanks to everyone who came out last night to witness Jacobz Laddr! Wonderful energy! Reciprocation was the highest I’ve ever experienced at a performance! Daniel Belquer Kevin Ramsay and the whole squad made an awesome, effective sound cermony/ journey/word odyssey/ experience/ ceremony/ transmission/ activation of the healing helix. It is an amazing feeling being part of such an […]

(((((((Inevitable Mutations))))))) NOW AVAILABLE on On-Point Records

                  Malik Crumpler & Alex Deforce release on On-Point Records Early January Malik Crumpler – NYC-based improvisational poet, writer, and producer – teamed up with Brussels-based artist Alex Deforce to write (((((((Inevitable Mutations))))))), a text based upon the paintings of the latter, currently still on exhibit. The result is a whirlwind poem, taking you […]