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MY N.Y. featuring Nicole Goodwin

Massive mercis Spoken Word Paris fam’ for an intense night of readings. Had a great time last night, celebrating Amiri Baraka’s birthday with the Spoken Word crew, & then for my specific reading, […]


WITH GREAT EXCITEMENT EYE PRESENT TO YOU… Here We go= Our (Scott T. Moncrieff & Eye) new Madison Washington full length album, out Oct. 19th featuring the Abolitionists= Kirsty Allison, Bruce Edward Sherfield, […]

SPOKEN WORD PARIS 08. 10. 2018

Looking forward to reading some new works about the spirit of Violence, as well as some raps from Beneath The Underground this coming Monday with Spoken Word Paris. I’ll have some books for […]

Maintenant 12: Contemporary Dada 2018 PARIS

  Had an inspiring, unforgettable time reading/performing/improvising with the DADA PARIS crew. (Thoroughly enjoyed playing the inside of the bottom of the piano too, keepin’ it extra Fluxus) Massive thanks Three Rooms Press […]

SOUL BAG- Jazz Sous Les Pommiers Review

  “C’est donc Malik Ameer Crumpler, artiste new-yorkais installé à Paris depuis quelques années qui a brillamment assuré cette urgence. Avec un flow beaucoup plus hip-hop que le natif de Boston, les titres comme American […]