The Dodenhoff Session by Leron Thomas

Over the moon & into the sun about the Spotify release of Leron Thomas’s The Dodenhoff Session. Included in this brief EP are 4 of my favorite Leron Thomas tracks and one that we collaborated on, Appear To Stack Man (this song was unavailable on Spotify until now) from the Take It… album.

‘Making from the Mess’ a Techne conference in London conducted by CĂ©cile Vrr & Camille Adnot

From chaos/mess, inevitably arises organic order…Had a marvelously inspiring time working on, ‘Making from the Mess’ Camille Adnot‘s recorded anthology of ancient poeting/ reading/ recitation/ conjuring.Multi-merci beaucoups Camille Adnot for including me in this wonderfully curated poetic-mess & madness/magic with all these fabulously sincere poets. – Malik Ameer Crumpler So excited to have taken part in Techne conference […]

Which Richard Wright Are You?

Honored to have been involved in this Richard Wright celebration/ experience.“07. 11. 2019 at the @theredwheelbarrowbookstore, just opposite the Luxembourg gardens, a group of Richard Wright readers gathered to celebrate his work and legacy. The event was organized by Ellen HervĂ© Wright, the author’s granddaughter and hosted by Jake Lamar. The readers and speakers were […]