Here’s my newest single out only on vinyl. An absolute joy to share this with you, in league with some of my favorite folks Leron Thomas & Thatmanmonkz. No digital links for this yet, only vinyl and lengthy excerpts of the tracks featured on ((((( ENJOY IN JOY ))))))))))

Verse Of April 54—> noise & ai

Honored to be a part of Verse Of April 2017 and outrageously excited to share with y’all the words of jedi poet= Ai. Merci Beaucoup Chozo Tull for working on the soundscape with me and as always thanks to Ai the never ending source of inspiration. Special and highest thanks to Carrie Chappell for organizing […]


       featuring visual art by Joanna Wong &              Clairette Durand-Gasselin Hapi, excited, juiced, pumped and all that to share Issue 11 of Those That This featuring works by Nicole Goodwin Matthew Mutiva, Kimarlee Nguyen John Gosslee Christine Stoddard Erica Schreiner Craig Kite Jamika Ajalon Richard Georges Lauriel […]

Here’s One [PANK]

MERCI BEAUCOUP [PANK] for featuring an reading audio recording of a new poem of mine that you can only read in the new issue of [PANK]. {but you can listen here now} (((((( Dig if you will, the reading )))))) [PANK PRINT ISSUE PREVIEW] Here’s One by Malik Crumpler

Twelve Years A Clerk

Excited to share a chapter from my (still in progress) novel, Rappers Anonymous featured on Quail Bell Magazine. Twelve Years A Clerk is the chapter. Check it out. ((((( Merci Beaucoup Quail Bell Magazine ))))))) Quail Bell Magazine March 15 at 1:30pm · “Well now, good morning, Miss Jean. Up early as usual.” Fiction: Twelve […]