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NEW Leron Thomas – Role Play EP

Prélude à son prochain album Cliquish cet EP se compose de 4 titres dont 3 variations de Role Play (la version originale de 6minutes et des brouettes, un radio edit et un remix cuivré signé Thomas lui-même et son acolyte Malik Crumpler).”


NEW LERON THOMAS: Roleplay Refuzed (Thomas Crumpler remix)

That new Leron Thomas Roleplay Refuzed (Thomas Crumpler remix) hitting on GIlles Peterson show, @ 2:37:00- 2:40:00 The track will feature on the upcoming EP out next month on Heavenly sweetness (((((ENJOY IN JOY))))))))
Joining the musical dots – soul, hip-hop, afro, Latin, electronica, jazz and beyond.



Thanks to Break’Art Mix and Alex Deforce and everyone who came out to the exhibition/reading last night, the new poetry/art book is now available and a video of the show will be out soon. Here’s an excerpt from the text,

Exhausted Poet and Painter gold out postrapping,

Autobiography of an Endangered specie
Forced to mutate in order to
survive in and thrive in the feces
Canvasses and notepads,
Always masking appearing to be stacking
Degrees and debt
Lady liberty on welfare
blowing Hash taking selfies
with her pregnant homies in the projects
Posting updates like,
“Other me this, Other me that
post folk post country post blues post rap
post attacks… John Henry,
when I Pull the hammer back
enter the mirage my visage stay
code switching­… Facts.
Know thyself, know thy enemy… “

(((((((Inevitable Mutations)))))))) Act II. | mai 28 . by Alex Deforce & Malik Crumpler

Tomorrow today, come enjoy the second act of Inevitable Mutations get a copy of the new book of poems and art by myself and Alex Deforce and dig the exhibition and performance. It is being held at a secret location in Paris by B’AM to attain the the secret location message me. Looking forward to mutating with you.


Inevitable Mutations – Act 2

Following the first part in our ongoing collaboration, Malik Crumpler and I proudly invite you to Act II of (((((Inevitable Mutations)))))), expect whirlwind poems and paintings, taking you through our minds and visions, performed and presentedThursday May 28th, in Paris, France. Witness the teaser video over here.

The code is all there ever was
Code me
The code is all there ever was
Code she
Acting like We 25 when We really 43
Every bodies their own paparazzi

The evening is hosted by BAM at a secret location near Notre Dame. Paris VI. For info about that, please mail to




May 28th is the exhibition of Inevitable Mutations Act II

(((((((Inevitable Mutations)))))))) Part II EXHIBITION + READING

Malik Crumpler – improvisational poet, writer, and producer – teamed up with visual artist Alex Deforce to write (((((((Inevitable Mutations))))))), a text based upon Alex’s paintings.

This lush artistic experience was exhibited in Brussels in January and its evolution, its mutation will be presented to Parisian audiences on the 28th of May at BAM for one exclusive night.


Improvised poems and music and sound design by Malik Crumpler