Festival Ecocentrique

Je vais lire de nouveaux poèmes au Festival Ecocentrique. Sound/Music experience by Kevin Ramsay et Malik Ameer. Au programme : Petit marché nature durant les 3 jours avec : Les plantes locales de Pépins production Les tisanes et des confitures de Ferme du Cabri au Lait, producteur en partenariat de consom’solidaire, l’AMAP de 13e. Les […]

Africa Week Dalston Special Worldwide FM

Many thanks and much respect Thris Tian for rockin’ Amerikkkan Poets on Africa Week Dalston Special 23-05-17 LISTEN AGAIN Global Roots – Africa Week Dalston Special: Thris Tian with Kofi Oppong, Asher Smith & Teju // 23-05-17 It’s Africa Day on May 25, which marks the anniversary of the formation of the Organisation of African Unity in 1963. […]


Looking forward to hosting this Wordist reading on Sunday at Tennessee Bar. Featured poets are Nina Zivancevic Rethabile Masilo Jamika AjalonBruce Edward Sherfield Carrie Chappell Cecilia Stormcrow Llompart Yann Icus Moe Seager and you. (((( SEE YOU THERE ))))))) Although, the world is packed with sexists, racists, agists, alienists, and all sorts of ‘isms and […]

Thank you NEMONE’S ELECTRIC LADYLAND for rockin’ Madison Washington today

Merci Beaucoup DJ Nemone, Quivver & BBC 6 for playing Code Switchin’ today along with such classic and funky music. Major thanks to Nemone for investigating the details of the project. (((( Rite On London )))))) Nemone’s Electric Ladyland With Quivver Nemone’s Electric Ladyland John Graham, better known as DJ, producer and vocalist Quivver soundtracks […]


Here’s my newest single out only on vinyl. An absolute joy to share this with you, in league with some of my favorite folks Leron Thomas & Thatmanmonkz. No digital links for this yet, only vinyl and lengthy excerpts of the tracks featured on deejay.de ((((( ENJOY IN JOY ))))))))))

Verse Of April 54—> noise & ai

Honored to be a part of Verse Of April 2017 and outrageously excited to share with y’all the words of jedi poet= Ai. Merci Beaucoup Chozo Tull for working on the soundscape with me and as always thanks to Ai the never ending source of inspiration. Special and highest thanks to Carrie Chappell for organizing […]