Which Richard Wright Are You?

Honored to have been involved in this Richard Wright celebration/ experience.“07. 11. 2019 at the @theredwheelbarrowbookstore, just opposite the Luxembourg gardens, a group of Richard Wright readers gathered to celebrate his work and legacy. The event was organized by Ellen Hervé Wright, the author’s granddaughter and hosted by Jake Lamar. The readers and speakers were […]

TRAXSOURCE Album Of The Week

“This week’s #AOTW is ‘Non Zero Sum Game’ by @thatmanmonkz and it’s a real exercise in versatility and creativity. We love it, we know that you’ll love it – so head on over to Traxsource and check it out NOW!” –TRAXSOURCE

DRAKEFACE by Kasual T(rhetoric)

“99 percent of all the people we come across in life will subconsciously categorise immediately by your looks. Maybe thats why we like Halloween so much. A mask can deflect the inevitable judgement. I present to you DRAKEFACE featuring the prolific…” –Kasual T(rhetoric) Bringin’ in November with my bredren, Kasual T(rhetoric)’s new single “Drake Face” […]