Zen The Sharpshooter: Every Lil’ Bit (That Man Monkz Remix Feat Malik Ameer)

Every Lil’ Bit Every Lil’ Bit (Thatmanmonkz Remix Feat Malik Ameer) About this item “Wonky beats and woozy melodies, pitched vocal cuts and mournful strings. Rhythmic fragments of melody breathe in and out, punctuating the start-stop breaks. On the flipside, Malik Ameer features on a Thatmanmonkz remix, and turns the whole affair into a slamming […]

“The mic is a powerful weapon–sometimes it takes over. watch & read ((((( 9 ))))) by Malik Crumpler.”  -The Opiate ((((( 9 ))))) by Malik Crumpler My last gig was literally my last gig. The band was a mess. We broke up after that. It musta been late ‘04 right after Enheduanna and Malcolm quit. […]

(((((((9)))))))) Rapper’s Anonymous @ Berkeley Books of Paris, 22 July 2016

Merci Beaucoup BERKELEY BOOKS OF PARIS = The best bookstore on earth. Check out the site and you’ll see what I mean http://berkeleybooksofparis.org/index.html Then when you’re in Paris, drop by the store, graze the shelves, talk to Phyllis and you’ll know exactly what I mean. (((((ENJOY IN JOY))))))))))

TONIGHT @ “WHAT IT IS EROTIC ?” I’ll perform new poetry

JUL23 It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for What is Erotic?, a pop-up show taking place in Paris on July 23rd. The event is a one-night exhibition of art and performance, which will assemble poetry, visual art, music, sculpture, audio/video works, installations and performances, in both English and French, that address […]


This new issue features a bunch of inspiring work by Melissa Hunter Gurney Deborah Adams Maddy Cristall David Leo Sirois Zahra Benlahoussine Antonia Alexandra Klimenko David Ishaya Osu Daniel Woody Leela Chantrelle Ingar Struthers Sam Farhi Chris Campanioni Boni Joi Cav Magus Ben Aleshire Thibaut Narme David Michel-Ruddy Mu GaduYann Rousselot Jeffrey Neilson Carrie Chappell Irina Rich […]