The Roseline is by no means perfect, but that is its enduring charm. The Madmen are not attempting to create a radio album, but instead to explore the boundaries of music and genre. The album is worth owning for the Church moans on In the Smashan and the jazz piano on Jivatma Sings; however, listening to the work as a whole allows a greater appreciation of the underpinning motivation behind each track.” –The Egoist Review 2012….


“IN DA MORNIN feat. Clyde Carson &  Aries”  produced & all instruments by Malik Ameer

The Unseen duet with Alex Foster (2000)
State Of The Art ep duet with CeeNeye aka Currency (1999)
Swamp Music duet with Alex Foster C.T. featuring CeeNeye (1999)
Elastik ep (1999)
Many Scars  featuring Herman Roberts III, Problem Child, Drift, CeeNeye aka Currency, Prac Nast, Jayleez, Big B, Relic, Ant Mars, AKIBA, P-NASTAY (1999)
MANIAC MUSIC=Figure 8 Nigga Shit featuring Herman Roberts III, Drift, Problem Child Da Menace, Cee-N-eye , Procnaz, AKIBA (1998)
Awkward  featuring Herman Roberts III, Problem Child Da Menace, Cee-N-eye aka Currency Infinite, Procnaz, AKIBA(1998)
Split Personalities featuring Herman Roberts III, Problem Child Da Menace, Procnaz & BALANCE (1997)
The Nymphos ep  duet with Herman Roberts III featuring Procnaz, Jared & Alfonso (1997)
ZOINK: The Man The Myth Thee Legend ep EP comedy music album featuring Zoink a bisexual god from a haunted house in ancient Grease and Jared & Alfonso (1997)
Jaded: Diary Of The Miserable Ones  featuring Herman Roberts III, Problem Child Da Menace, Balance (1997)
Bitter Doctrine featuring Herman Roberts III, Problem Child Da Menace (1997)
MYOPIA: The Art Of Going Blind featuring Carlos Becknell (1996)
Graveyard Thoughts (1995)
Bloodshot The Wizard (1994)
Hilarious ep (1993)