“His music explores these themes in particular depth, both through his collaborations with musicians such as Marcel Vogel & Malik Ameer and his own productions, including his fascinating 2018 LP Junebug.” –MELODIC DISTRACTION

Rimarkable reworks Khalil Anthony’s Misty Morning; a catchy piece that oozes of sunshine and hazy fragrances of Afrobeat and House!” –Loose Lips

“Dope project so far. Proudly South African. Yall should check this out!!!! Refreshing!!!”- Cassper Nyovest
“Zito Mowa delivers sonic reflection on ‘The Kolour Of Water’ –RED BULL MUSIC 
“New Music Daily Album Of The Day” – APPLE MUSIC
“aye, @zitomowa is our very own Knxwledge. if you know, you know!!!!” –Surreal Sounds Music
“House artist Zito Mowa brings a fresh sound with his debut album TheKolourOfWater.” –Deezer South Africa
“Big music out of South Africa courtesy of Zito Mowa, featuring Malik Ameer… that’s brand new.” –Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45  Soho Radio)
“In direct response to this Zito is taking a defiantly anti-purist approach to music—moving from house to boom-bap, and blending his dirty drums with some captivatingly unusual back of the crate samples.” –Street Culture Code
“Nice! 5/5/. That Guy Wa MoPedi is my favourite.” –Seven Davis Jr, Ninja Tune Apron Records
“Deeeeeeeeeeep beauty. Great release.” –Laurent Garnier, PBB Radio, Radio Meuh, Worldwide FM
“Featuring the irresistible groove of Marcel Vogel on ‘Come See Me’ and the infectious beats of Rimarkable on the title track, ‘Reign Down’, these two funk-fulled house cuts will put some glide in your slide, a wiggle in your hips and no doubt leave you thirsting for the rest of the album.” –Melodic Distraction
“Leftfield hip-hop loveliness with a hint of Blackalicious/Solesides. Peppered with retro wrestling samples.”  –The Waveform Transmitter
“Benny & Priminho are joined by Malik Ameer, who has… collaborated with Zen The Sharpshooter to devastating effect on his forthcoming album.” –Melodic Distraction



“Harold Heath calls Non Zero Sum Game “a confident collection of dank, smoking house grooves all created with the dance floor directly in their sights.” –The Five Mag

“That distinctive grasp of dusty, soul-fired fusion once again comes to the fore on this belated follow-up. There’s much to enjoy from start to finish, with highlights including… and the Moodymann style Malik Ameer collaboration, “Thee Others”. –Juno Records

“Good house music albums are hard to find (discuss)but I’m happy to report you can add Thatmanmonkz / Shadeleaf Music‘s to the rather short list as he embraces the genre’s black music roots, mines all the right, classic tropes but gives them a personal twist & dispenses with LP filler to put some Sheffield soul boy bump into the weekend & beyond.” –The Slow Music Movement

Non Zero Sum Game, like its predecessor, is a work of art for the ages… Exploring dancefloor moments, Thatmanmonkz aims to surpass the high barrier of the forgettable. His Non Zero Sum Game flows through 11 tracks, each one with its individual characteristics and influences, maintaining a cohesively brilliant whole. Dropping tomorrow, this could be an essential recording of this strange new post-everything musical landscape we’re in.” –O Sotão

“It starts when Malik Ameer asks “What life is this? What is temporary? What is permanent?” in a battle cadence resembling Ras Baraka`s American Poem. Riding a deftly, Detroit-ly, stripped back to essentials Moodymann-esque groove. Back to bass, drums and strings. Its simplicity a huge part of its sophistication.” –BanBanTonTon



“Iggy, a bit of a PA fan, adds some wonderfully deadpan hooks to ‘Mobile’, an indescribable mix of jazz, art rock and hip-hop, while on the flip, fellow Def Presse psychonaut Madison Washington’s Malik crafts a supremely strange warp of distended lunacy/lucidity in ’15 Seconds’. Names and a label to watch all year. 8.5” –DJMAG

“On this vinyl 45’s B-side the other half of MadWash, Malik Ameer Crumpler, serves as the producer of an excursion into slowly unfurling u-ground hip-hop, its strangeness bordering on the psychedelic.” –Vinyl District

“Flipping the 7” release is the brutally brilliant, 15 Seconds. Contrasting emotions of bitter/ sweet words then smoulder as the doo-wop styled harmony sings out a beautiful melody, amid forlorn, in the dead of night, Trumpet. Priceless.”- Magazine Sixty

“Iggy Pop waxes poetic about beef jerky and gas-station living on this taut, one-off collaboration with the experimental hip-hop musician.”-Bandcamp New & Notable

“Iggy’s lyrics here are primarily concerned with the gas station lifestyle, as he’s heard singing about Powerball tickets and beef jerky over Pan Am’s warping fusion of hip-hop and jazz.”-Consequence Of Sound

“Horn player and rhymesmith Pan Amsterdam (real name Leron Thomas) has just released this compelling abstract single that has Iggy dropping in seamingly form a gas station somewhere off the highway: “Two scratches, beef jerky and a Powerball.”-Brooklyn Vegan

“The B-side of that is “15 Seconds,” a deep cut produced by Madison Washington‘s Malik Ameer Crumpler. Both tracks will be part of the three-part digital EP series Elevator Music, featuring Pan Amsterdam & friends.” –The Find Magazine

” It does have a distinctly psychedelic things playing backwards vibe though so perhaps everything is revealed in a hidden message.”- Monkeyboxing

“Okay so Pan Amsterdam and Iggy Pop may not be the first collaboration that you would expect to hear, but neither of them have ever been one for following the status quo. Plus if it works, go for it.” –Gingerslim

“The b-side, 15 Seconds, sees … Malik Ameer Crumpler jump behind the boards, and Leron Thomas on trumpets.”- Bonafide Mag


“A global collaboration results in funky, fantastic, and historically significant hip-hop.” Bandcamp New & Notable

“Divine Frankensteins’ you might, sorry SHOULD, already know (it’s from last year’s stunning ‘((((FACTS))))’ set), but ‘Plantation Earth’ is a whole new kettle of brilliance, Malik hooking up with childhood friends The Abolitionists (Kasual Tee, Seven Divine and Cee N Eye) who he’s pulled from Paris, Oakland and Brooklyn to spit over a supremely sunny and engaging jazz funk backdrop. A posse cut in the fine old tradition of Main Source, and the kind of spring-borne track that will bring summer to your door a few months early. Ace.” 8.0 –DJ MAG

“A double hitter from Madison Washington, as they bless us with two new videos. Plantation Earth (above) sees the duo hooking up with international collective, The Abolitionists, while on Divine Frankensteins (below) they are joined by spoken word artist, Nicole Goodwin” –Gingerslim



“To restate sentiments from my earlier short review, it’s some of the best hip-hop I’ve heard in a long time.” –The Vinyl District Best Of 2018

“…This is a true golden age for Hip Hop.” –THE WIRE Best Hip Hop Of 2018

Let this keep you warm all winter. As good as the Coup, seriously.” –INCREDIBLE KULK BEST OF 2018 PART 2: THE YEAR IN HIP HOP

“What a glorious, hysterical, fun, funky, fantastic record this is…a suite of utterly engrossing funk and jazzed out abstraction-old sources but emerging as hugely fresh and delicious throughout, finessed to be just on the edge of being totally out of control.” –THE WIRE

“This NYC-UK duo’s “Code Switchin’” EP from last year was solid, but here is a major leap forward and one of the best hip-hop full-lengths (available on 2LP) that I’ve heard in quite a while.”-The Vinyl District

“Thatmanmonkz and Malik Ameer have joined forces to create one of the year’s most thoughtful and outspoken hip-hop albums…Facts, a fantastic full-length excursion that expands the pair’s musical repertoire far beyond the golden era beats that first inspired their working partnership.” –International Dj Mag

“One of my albums of the year! big it up! Great album really in the now lyrically & sonically. Such a great project, people should definitely not sleep on this one! (((((FACTS)))))”-DJ Jay Scarlett,   PULS Radio, München

“A wildly inventive new record from Malik Ameer & producer/DJ Thatmanmonkz inspired by the historical Madison Washington (who led the first and only successful slave rebellion in the U.S.) Brilliant stuff!” -TwistedSoul

((((FACTS)))) serves two ends: it’s a thumbnail history of the sound of ‘90s hip-hop, with both coasts equally represented, and an incisive look at the cultures that created it—and the current forces that are making it harder for those artistic cultures to survive.” –Bandcamp Daily “This Week’s Essential Releases”

27 novembre · Album Of The Week comes from Madison Washington.” –Twisted Soul Music
“Now, following the single release of the title track, along with Baytrified and No Cliche, the full double LP is finally here. And it doesn’t pull any punches.”-Monkeyboxing

“Far from your typical hip hop release, Mad Wash’s album carries an overarching narrative exploring modern day slavery, inspired by the historical figure of Madison Washington, instigator of the largest slave revolt in history. Malik Ameer takes on the role of mouthpiece for this brave, timely and vital album.” –Groovement

“…there are plenty of slick lines on here.”-Grown Up Rap

“One way or another the US-to-UK pair are gonna light a fire under you with their outpouring of ideas.” –Monolith Cocktail/ Rapture & Verse

“Getting Christmassy revisiting the immense #FACTS album by @mad_wash – superb set of songs imho. Flippin loving new @mad_wash album #FACTS #nowplaying title track @BBC6Breakfast @BBC6Music whole thing a treat ;)” – DJ NEMONE BBC6

“Now they return with a politically and socially charged full length album, accompanied by a band of poets and artists, as they attempt to look at the idea of modern day slavery.”-GINGERSLIM

“((((FACTS)))))  – walks the line of rap and poetry.”-COLD LIPS ONLINE


Tom Ravenscroft BBC6 Recommends NO CLICHE

‘No Cliché’ sums up their sound perfectly: jazzy, mellow beats laced with excellently matched lyricism.” –DJ MAG (Artist Top 10 Gingerslim)
“…it’s another great track from UK/US duo, Madison Washington, as they return with No Cliché… a ballad inspired by that selfless act, but without falling into the cliché trap.”- Gingerslim
“Anyway, this one’s chilled beat and falsetto harmonies (from the mysterious A Brother Is…warbling away in the background with his newfangled name) is certainly one to get your significant other onside, and for that reason alone is not to be sniffed at.”- Monkeyboxing
“Always cool stuff coming from Madison Washington, and this is the new one, it’s damn fine, Love it…” –Simone @ Naked Lunch Soho Radio
“Madison Washington continue their hot streak with the laidback ‘No Cliché’, an after-party groove with the right amount of nous behind it.” –Rapture & Verse
“The next single from NY/Sheffield duo Malik Ameer and Thatmanmonkz, better known as Madison Washington, is entitled No Cliché.” –


BBC 6 MUSIC RECOMMENDS with Tom Ravenscroft

“…Brand new track from Madison Washington partly American, partly British, really good combination Hip Hop with some crazy Max Roach samples in that…”-Gilles Peterson WorldwideFM

“…They’re kind of channeling a psychadelic element, great track…” –Nemone BBC6 .       
“…Baytrified’s funk groove sits beneath scathing lyrics that document the history of the Bay Area from its immigrant beginnings to its current gentrification.” –JDP @ Buzz Magazine


“Check out “Baytrified” a funkstrong tribute to ole school Oakland. Local poet/MC MalikAmeer0 shares his family’s history, the rich culture & inspiring movements birthed in this community and the many changes as of late. Dope video to match! “- DJ Moni
“BAYTRIFIED is an impressive funk-flavored new hip hop track by Madison Washington featuring JTOTHEC on Def Pressé” –Akahti Magazine
“This cut sees Malik once again using his platform to do more than just hype a crowd… Consequently, Malik spits with his brand of poetic venom”- Itchysilk
“I got a new chunk of madwash on the show tmro and it’s funky like GeorgeClinton and u need it in ur ears . Check into sohoradio 12-2pm ” – Naked Lunch Soho Radio
“Combined with thatmanmonkz’s production, the track sounds like George Clinton meets Gil Scott Heron in all the best ways.” –GingerSlim
“No wonder the beat is a weird off-kilter affair based around a drum loop with a time signature lurch within the drum loop and falsetto P-Funk wailing.” –Monkeyboxing
“Awash with the funk, it recalls George Clinton both in production (courtesy of the other half, Sheffield’s thatmanmonkz) plus keys and vocals from Belgian soul maestro JTOTHEC, as its lyrics address the gentrification of the area.” –Groovement 


‘Facts’ is rugged and fuzzy as fuck, the vocals double-tracked until they reach a genuinely New Kingdom-esque pitch of groggy madness, the beats hitting those same divine pleasure-centers that the Son Of Sam album so thoroughly ravaged this year…”- DJ MAG

“Check this out, it’s awesome… We love that, if you’re out there.”- Simone Marie Naked LunchSoho Radio
“Very very decent Hip Hop…” Cherrie Flava @ Soho Radio
“And so it is that Malik spits venom over relentless rock guitar-laced boom-bap and whooping sirens about all those Facts that get lost or doubted amid a welter of fake news or hit with a D notice or branded paranoia. Until, a leak gets into the press.” – 


“A record celebrating the impact that Prince has had on music and life.” -Bandcamp New & Notable

“The project shifts through genres, has an experimental edge and is brave in its intended exploration.” –Itchysilk

“‘Somebody Had to Make This Record’ is a spirited rush of festivities that presents itself on both sides of high flyers with the same ambition as The Glimmers and Wizards of Ooze. Maybe not the showpieces of the Belgian charts, but honest music that is bursting with character, which we will regularly refer to for a good evening. A heartfelt thank you to JTOTHEC, who gives new life to the gloomy February.” –Cutting Edge

Jonas Casier schreef zo goed als alle nummers. Enkel “Burnout Medicine” werd geschreven door Malik Ameer Crumpler. We spreken hier over funk. Jazeker dames en heren en dat in het zuiden van West Vlaanderen! En wat nog beter is,  dat het nog eens goed funkt zonder dat het parodie erop is. Luister maar eens naar de single “You Gotta Believe In You”. Dit is een funk single dat niet moet onder doen voor de beroemde voorbeelden in het genre. Het funkt, is catchy en bevat heerlijke funk gitaartjes en fijne backings. Daar is de nodige aandacht aan besteed maar het resultaat is een dijk van een funky,  poppy single. Van oorsprong komt de funk uit de afro-Amerikaanse cultuur. Het album klinkt dan ook wel wat afro Amerikaans. Nochtans zijn het hier allemaal Belgen die hun steentje hebben bijgedragen aan dit project. Maar songs zoals “Talking Backwards” of “Burnout Medicine” klinken zwart. We krijgen hier een mix van funk,soul en indiepop met synths/organs die de toon van de nummers zetten.” – Musiczine

“Zo heeft dit album het karakter van een internationale productie en kan Casier zich als power funkateer gerust meten met pakweg Jamie ‘Jim’ Lidell. Bij de eerste luisterrondjes duiken ook inspiraties op als Prince en Jamiroquai, net als Marvin Gaye (de deep soul in Love Can Do That of het nostalgische Stop The Time). Niet eens zo gek voor een Kurenaar die ook een hele bende gastmuzikanten zoals onder meer trompettist Daniel Dzidzonu, de New Yorker Malik Ameer Crumpler (de prekerige levenswijsheden in Burnout Medicine) en een delegatie van het Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra op het album laat meespelen. Ook dat komt de reeds grote variatie op dit album erg ten goede.” –Writteninmusic

“You Gotta Believe In You loodst ons ten slotte als een aanstekelijke funk-sneltrein en acht minuten lange single naar het einde toe. De messcherpe gitaar op de achtergrond begeestert en doet spontaan denken aan even lange swingers van Funkadelic en Parliament.” – Luminous Dash


Gilles Peterson’s WorldWide FM‘s JULY 2017 TOP TEN
“[Code Switchin’] It’s by @mad_wash @DefPresse – bit addicted to it myself ;)” –Nemone Metaxas BBC6 19 May 2017
“Code Switchin showcases beats from the tailored UK producer that man monkz who has worked with names like Eric Rico and Toddla T. Like all the best concept projects, Code Switchin stands out from a sea of inept white noise.  In fact, with its nod to old skool sensibilities it is the verbals that shine in Code Switchin. Of course, we know that rap and poetry are synergic disciplines. With the Paris based wordsmith Malik, the synergies are glaring. His slightly gravely vocals reminiscent of Wu Tang in their pomp blare out in gorgeous tailored syntax.”-Itchy Silk
“New York-Yorkshire monopoly Madison Washington show the power of non-conformity on the ‘Code Switchin’ EP, a half dozen shake up where Malik Ameer and thatmanmonkz keep their cool when mixing rolling funk and flows, and creating scenes with arch alchemy.” –Rapture & Verse
“On Madison Washington’s distinctive ‘Code Switchin’, Malik Ameer is on wheat/chaff sorting duties with a gravelled larynx unafraid to put it on the Ritz, with thatmanmonkz planing down a double bass on the boards until it’s dagger sharp. ” –Monolith Cocktail
“[Code Switchin’] It’s by @mad_wash @DefPresse – bit addicted to it myself ;)” –Nemone Metaxas BBC6 19 May 2017
Hip Hop Single Of The Month 9.0 “…If you’ve not got ‘Code Switchin” yet consider it an essential part of your exit-pass from 2017. Superb.” – DJ MAG October 2017..


“…Did you get all that… Deep stuff.” –Iggy Pop BBC 6
“…As Thomas’s multi-tracked horn copies the track’s bassline and winds around itself, Crumpler’s critique expands to major US literary institutions and those who benefit from them. It’s rendered all the more fiery by a blazing rimshot…” –Resident Advisor
“An uncompromising piece of work, laced with some of the most thought-provoking poetry by Ameer is riveting.”- Solenotes Mag
“Anyone familiar with the label knows each release is essential and recently has been releasing tracks digitally from SWAT too, such as the fantastic ‘AmeriKKKan Poets’; a collaboration between Thatmanmonkz, Leron Thomas and Malik Ameer Crumpler – check it!”- Skiddle & Ghetto Child
” SWAT’s come through with a devastating & loving homage to The Basement Boys’ and Amiri Baraka’s 2001 jam “An American Poem”
” Malik Ameer Crumpler lays down an incredible, wry and poignant sermon over a swinging thatmanmonkz beat that builds into some fine freeform horn work from Leron Thomas. A fusion that spans Sheffield, Paris and New York, pays homage to Gil Scott Heron, and delivers a critical message.”- TRAXSOURCE
“A love letter to the Basement Boys 2001 classic with Ras Baraka “An American Poem”, Malik Ameer Crumpler lays down an incredible, wry and poignant sermon over a swing beat that builds into some fine freeform horn work from Leron Thomas. A fusion that spans Sheffield, Paris and New York, pays homage to Gil Scott Heron and delivers a critical message, the timeliness of this is legitimate. The acapella is incredibly handy, too. With sunrays this strong, everything else is a lightbulb…” –Juno Records
“The release is focused on the main track “Amerikkkan Poets” which has the same afro influenced rhythm of the 2001’s version but with few additional sounds that create a catchy groove, Malik provides new and profound lyrics while Leron adds several Free/ Avantgarde Jazz incursions with his Trumpet in the mid section and at the end of the track to create a perfect feeling of afro// Jazz/ Electronic fluctuation. Complete the EP 3 additional variations Dub, Rhythm and acapella to offer multiple options to the most eclectic Dj. A must have house track if you want to offer a more organic mix with a Jazz twist to surprise your audience.” – The Basement Radio Show
 “The lead track off this EP brings to mind a a lost Moodymann production, with a politically charged black spoken word riding a typically obscure beatdown groove. Think “Amerika” by KJD with different beats and lyrical content and your halfway there. Included in the package is a dub, beats and acapella version, so there’s plenty of opportunities to get lively and creative in the mix. Top stuff. ” –Piccadilly Records
“After DJ Nature 12”, SWAT come through with a devastating & loving homage to The Basement Boys’ and Amiri Baraka’s 2001 jam “An American Poem” Loose real , earthed out percussive house of the highest order. –Vinyl Underground



Malik Crumpler produced Brochure and Gamez.”Leron Thomas est un trompettiste de talent, c’est un fait . Leron Thomas est un jazzman, sa conception d’une musique libre et éclatée en est la preuve. 120 Bpm Af en est il pour autant un disque de Jazz?  Hmmm… ce n’est pas si évident que ça. Ce disque est insaisissable, il capte les ambiances et sonorités du moment pour les mélanger en une musique bouillonnante. La couleur hip-hop, le ryhtme electro, le chants soul et les instrumentalisations jazz . 120 Bpm Af est tout ça et beaucoup plus encore.” –KINOUZAPPA @


“An uplifting tune done with class, in the great tradition of classic Hip-Hop.” –LOOSE LIPS
“Wonky beats and woozy melodies, pitched vocal cuts and mournful strings. Rhythmic fragments of melody breathe in and out, punctuating the start-stop breaks. On the flipside, Malik Ameer features on a Thatmanmonkz remix, and turns the whole affair into a slamming rhythmic hip-hop stormer. Perfectly punctuated rhythms and rhymes float above the remixed original. Top stuff. ” –Piccadilly Records
“Choppy but melodic soul in the boom bap format comes through with a lot of extra power & kick! The B side chops further with a bouncy Malik Ameer spitting over Thatmanmonksz’ remix. Looking forward to more from the label.” –JUMBO Records
“Black Beacon Sound’s debut release delivers a large dollop of rhythmic hip hop. The original edit, from Zen the Sharpshooter, is a vocally melancholic number suitably partnered by laid back, easy rolling drum patterns and sample cuts. The B-side plays thatmanmonkz’ and Malik Ameer’s heavier refixture, slamming a distinctive drum pattern and bass sequence that nests comfortably underneath the melody.” Eastern Bloc Records 


“Baked features the deep poetry of NYC’s Malik Ameer on this dope jam full of urban flavour.” –Juno Records Review
“Baked is another classy thatmanmonkz take on Hip Hop featuring Malik Ameer on the mic.” – hhv.d
“Fans of thatmanmonkz and his label will surely embrace this project, and I suspect most folks with appreciation for new wave soul music formats would also approve. In the end, Columbusing has enough dance floor-ready cuts to appeal to the Beatport single track shoppers, while also achieving more than enough fluidity and quality to be listened to from track one to fourteen as an LP.” – DANCE PARTY CHRONICLES
“With a thumping hip-hop beat that’s carved right out of the West Coast, ‘Baked’ with Malik Ameer has that forward thinking cosmic vibe popping off over those old school sensibilities, reminiscent of the sort of stylings Quaimoto and Dam Funk bring to Stones Throw.” – BBS

“I literally had to stop what I was doing to sit down and soak this album up. It’s like nothing else out there right now. Funky soul and driving bass lines meet hard indie rock riffs and electro pop sci-fi weirdness. 11 self-penned cuts and a Jan Hammer cover.” –Blues & Soul Magazine, London 

“Leron Thomas is truly an original voice in the music world and “Cliquish” refuses to conform to any traditional expectations. The most impressive aspect of the album, though, there is never a moment when Thomas loses the audience, which is a testament to his charisma and huge talent.” –Evan Crandell, 

“This is music equally suited to commuting during drive time or lighting up candles and incense to relax after a long day.”- Chris Campbell, NPR Music 


“Ddjet’s Dance has the oomph on top that will take you to the far reaches of Goa or perhaps an Indonesian temple; have your favorite kind of incense in tow and ready.” –-Hypursuit

“One of the album’s most popular songs, The Ascent of Rose is regularly featured on Jazz FM and has quickly become a fan favorite. Other popular tracks such as Tipping to the Point and (((Laveauing))) feature guest appearances by acclaimed jazz trumpeter and composer Leron Thomas.” –News Wire

“Max Tucker and Malik Ameer are New York based production duo Weird HappYness. Together they take us on a musical trip with their debut album ‘(((10,000+ hours)))’ that is not so much weird, but an eclectic and quirky mix of jazz, electronica and experimental sounds” –Lets Be Brief


“Are you weird? Do you like to be happy? Me too.  I found some friends who specialize and excel and those very things, they are the aptly named Buddhist funk outfit Weird HappYness.  Hailing from New York this melodiously inclined pair of acoustic rebel rousers can raise low self-esteem to an all time high.” – Locash Magazine

“Longtime Imageyenation homie Malik Ameer, known for kicking conscious Raps over firebrand Funk beats, has teamed up with musician Max Tucker for a foray into sludgy instrumental music. The two, as Weird HappYness, bring their Jazz and Funk sensibilities to the realm of experimental Electronica and Hip-Hop production a-la Dilla, FlyLo, DâM-FunK, and Juba Dance, on ‘(((10,000 Hours +))’ Malik, Max, and their collaborator Leron Thomas, were nice enough to make their initial offering free to download to those of us who might wish to join them as they embark on this new sonic exploration. You can also check out a couple of cuts, including the somnambulant, Kraftwerk-y, backwards beats, and Jazzy skronk of “Tipping to the Point”, in a much more visual milieu via a handful of YouTube uploads.” –Imageyenation

“As the newly released material continues to garner interest from experimental music enthusiasts, one of the album’s most popular songs, “The Ascent of Rose” has already been featured on Jazz FM.” –AM World Group

“Weird HappYness’ new 8-track album features a great mix of experimental jazz, funk and soul, electronica and hip-hop” –Music Existence

“One of the album’s most popular songs, The Ascent of Rose is regularly featured on Jazz FM and has quickly become a fan favorite.” –World Net Daily

“Features a great mix of experimental jazz, funk, soul, electronica and hip-hop” –Dopeminds 


“With Leron Thomas currently making major moves, we are extremely proud to release the vinyl LP of Take It…, one of his most unique projects so far, in collaboration with Malik Crumpler.”- RifRaf – Free Musiczine, Dec 2014

”With Leron Thomas currently making major moves, we are extremely proud to release the vinyl LP of Take It…, one of his most unique projects so far, in collaboration with Malik Crumpler.” –The Pusher, France

“I’ve been amazed by the man’s diverse sound and projects, ‘Take It’ is the perfect EP to get introduced to Leron’s music.” — Lefto (BBE / Worldwide Family) –” –The Pusher Distribution
Leron Thomas’s Appear to Stack has a clear intent and executes with precision, smack us around the head with soulful electronica that carries more weight than an operatic baritone.” -Let’s Be Brief


“Leron Thomas makes it clear with his latest project ..Take It that he has no intention of being bound by genre or held back by being independent. With a soulful electronic vibe Thomas delivers his most challenging album yet. Co-produced with Malik Crumpler, one would never guess this was recorded by the two, home-studio style in NYC. The tracks weave in and out with a knowing sense of chord progression, cutting wit and moments of hilarity. Coupled with new music videos, Thomas shows he has no intention of slowing down and has a seemingly endless pit of creativity.” -2013

“Now Thomas is doing so with the release of his new EP, Take It…. On it, Thomas is going a more experimental route, weaving and mashing his smooth voice with layers of sounds and electronic touches. It’s so much more than a jazz release.” –Anthony Dean-Harris,
“The evocative and performative song is coupled with an eerie video montage of vintage school clips and really eerie, creepy clown painted children.”….


“‘Needed You Bad’ opens with the sample begging the listener ‘Won’t you love me just a little bit?’. Then starts the infectious groove, pulsing beats and blues interludes. Love it. Taken from Khalil’s latest LP ‘Train’, the remix has a great, dirty bass line.” –Backseat Mafia

“Khalil Anthony‘s Needed You Bad makes for an excitingly perverted track; perverted in that good, thrilling sense of course. It starts off with a twisted Prince-esque pump, cuts to a jazzy Gene Kelly-like vocal bite then slips effortlessly back into the thumping sexed-up main body of the song. It all feels rather like a dream, a sequence of bizarre happenings and sensations that manage to merge together deliciously and effortlessly. Picture yourself walking through a fair ground, passing a broken Jack in a Box making out with Judy Garland , when all of a sudden  you look up to see Prince floating by on a soft cloud of leather. Or something like that anyway.” – STAMP THE WAX

“Needed You Bad taken from his latest LP ‘Train’, fuses blues samples, a raw, spoken word / sung hymn to yearning & that, by now trademark roughed up & heavy duty T.M.M MPC rhythm work. For the dub, we get an irresistible rump-shaker with a killer KDJesque bassline, custom made to make you move !” –Phonica Records

“We’ve picked Needed you Bad – Thatmanmonkz Dub as tune of the day because it’s been destroying dance floors for us since it’s first spin, but hold tight as all four tracks are killers. Real music for real people” –Groovement Soul

“Needed You’ is first to be given the ‘Monkz’s treatment. And what an absolute belter it is! This track bumps, shuffles and roles along in a manner that is impossible to resist. Anthony’s achingly beautiful vocal sits astride an infectious beat that will leave you getting your groove on wherever you may be. Seriously, if this doesn’t plaster a massive grin across your face, you may want to get yourself to a doctor and ask him where your soul is. ” –Mind Grub Audio

“First of all, you need to know what you need. This track has an irresistible groove capable of getting even the most dedicated wall flower to the dance floor. Which dank corner of a second hand record shop they went digging for this sampling artillery is anyones guess. Anthony and Monks circle, but just be thankful they have this ability.The track is underpinned by what only be be described as pre 1940’s crooning. However the genius lays in the fact that it has been thrown in reverse to create the whole vibe of the track. Couple this with choice cuts of Anthony’s vocals and this track is definitely setting an early benchmark for the stable shadeleaf in 2014.” –Soul1


“After meeting at the funeral of a mutual friend, lyricists Seven Divine and Malik Ameer began making music together in ’96. Due to high school challenges their collaborative project was never completed until recently with the overdue album The Orsiris Effect. With a sound that is as lyrically ambitious as it is rhythmically hypnotizing, this duo is a must listen for any hip-hop enthusiast. Seven Devine currently resides in California while Malik Ameer claims New York as him home.” –2012 Mendoza


“Seven Divine and Malik Ameer, put together a very original EP, full of dope beats and rhymes. Definitely worth checking this one out.” –The Word Is

“With a sound that is as lyrically ambitious as it is rhythmically hypnotizing, this duo is a must listen for any hip-hop enthusiast…It’s no secret that New York has always been on top of its rap game. Looking back, some of hip-hop’s brightest stars claimed NYC as their home turf. Now in 2012, it’s clear that the East Coast is still raising an impressive crop of lyricists” -Epitonic.

“From Brooklyn to Queens and beyond, each borough boasts a roster of up and coming hip-hop acts that are as diverse as they are talented. Take a listen and get acquainted with the new class of New York hip-hop featuring funny guys Das Racist, professional stoner Action Bronson, and the lyrically ambitious Malik Ameer.” –iHeartNYC


“The stylistic disparity is stimulating: complex patchworks of texts and phonemic intricacies are designed upon techno pulses and more difficult metres, inserting quarter tones, looped clusters and absurdist glottolalia whenever this is felt as appropriate (“When It Reigns It Powers”, “Lookout For The Wolf” and “Buckwheat Passacaglia” being major demonstrations of compositional talent in that sense).” -Touching Extremes

“OK, this is different. Malik Ameer raps over oddball grooves and arresting layers of scat singing (or “phonemic emanations” as they put it) by Lorin Benedict. The scat sounds like some kind of encrypted poetry, and the twisted, abstract raps are delivered in an urgent but fractured manner that throws everything off balance… if it ever was in balance. It’s all pretty damn cool.” –KZSU 90.1 Stanford University FM



The Roseline is by no means perfect, but that is its enduring charm. The Madmen are not attempting to create a radio album, but instead to explore the boundaries of music and genre. The album is worth owning for the Church moans on In the Smashan and the jazz piano on Jivatma Sings; however, listening to the work as a whole allows a greater appreciation of the underpinning motivation behind each track.” –The Egoist Review 2012….


“IN DA MORNIN feat. Clyde Carson &  Aries”  produced & all instruments by Malik Ameer


“Star Still Shining. I LOVE underground music. You get to search and find artist and sounds so far from the mainstream. The down side to underground artists… that many are one and done. That’s why it’s always a pleasure to bump into an artist who you’ve thought you may not hear from again. Malik Ameer’s Dramatomania was an amazingly strong yet also flawed album. Drenched in originality and political message it often for better or worse came across as something made in the basement. SANCTIFIED has no such problem. You quickly get a sense that the album was more then made, rather crafted by Malik. Jazzy, poetic and away from the realm of the average this is a very good album. A neo-soul version of hip-hop if you will. Interestingly enough the only negative I can say about it, is that it is so well polished that it lacks the production harshness that his previous work had… slightly less push to his politcal message. Still all in all, another fine production by Mr. Ameer. I will be picking up the next release too……whenever it may come!!! I have been dropping reviews all up and down cdbaby. Now finally you have a chance to see what my music is all about.” –MoJoKing of Absolute Power NYC

“Captivating !! Stimulates the Mind, Moves the Soul, Rocks the Body!!! This Voice Must Be heard!! Malik Ameer has done it again, this ever evolving artist has taken his powerful mix of prophetic messages and Pull you in Production, and given us yet another reason to buy independant, Sanctified, takes you on a journey that delivers you to the doorstep of your Soul. Hip Hop is alive and well in this artist,teacher, poet, that is Malik Ameer. Thanks Malik for washing away the dust off Hip Hop with Sanctified!!!”- Soulflightmusic Productions

“Simply brilliant! Every once in a while I listen to this CD again to catch what I missed the 23rd time around. Malik is a lyricist and as voracious a thinker. I’m really proud to know the man behind his muse-ic. He has inspired me in ways he probably doesn’t even know. Sanctified will remain the breath of ancestors awaiting resurrection from the underground of cliche’ cemetaries. may the dead rise up and breathe again! James Baldwin would snap! LOL” –Tim’m  @Reddirt, Chicago

“Sanctified is one of the best albums I’ve heard all year! I love the live instrumentation, the poetic flow, and substance of Malik’s lyrics. “– T Boogie Oakland, Ca.

“Every now and then you hear a track or a cd by an artist who you have never heard of but you really enjoy. In part this is true about this album. Malik Ameer hailing from Oakland, California brings a very funky, jazz influenced sounding release with positive, social conscious lyrics.” – Australia

“Have you ever listened to an album and had basically no feelings about-neither good nor bad? If not, this could be the first one for you. This feeling of nothingness certainly isn’t desirable, and surely wasn’t the intent of Malik Ameer, but it at least saves Sanctified from being a thoroughly unpleasant listen. At very worst, you might come away thinking “Well, it wasn’t bad.” That basically summarizes this album.” –Rapreviews 

“Malik’s Music Grips The Soul And Transforms Thoughtful Emotion Into Tangible Energy. The beats are creative, unique and have a way of infiltrating your mind and body. The combination of hard center pocket drum beats and rich harmony provide a hipnotic bed for Malik’s powerful and poetic lyrics. The concepts that Malik covers and the opinions that he voices are some of the most honest and thoughtful to be found on any album these days. Rather than making blunt political statements that go unheard due to their preachy nature, Malik crafts his lyrics to bring the listener on a journey of nuanced social consciousness that leave one feeling as though their eyes have been opened to another realm of thought. In it’s entirety, this album is an honest, beautiful, powerful and addicting mix of music, emotion and thought that is virtually unparalleled in this day and age. Thank you Malik. Keep it coming.” –Al Ein, Los Angeles Ca.



“This is a listening album, something you should be listening to alone, preferbly on the headphones, with particular focus on the lyrics. Childen Of The Night will produce a lump in your throat. I can feel him on this track. The best track on here is Drapetomania. The song is just dope. One of the few tracks in Hip Hop that almost made me cry. Peep this with an open mind.” –Africas
“This record is something very uncomfortable for you. It makes it even hard for us to approach it and appreciate it as something that’s supposed to entertain us. Unless we can take this in, as something to be listened to with the same respect and open soul, as we’d be listening to someone telling us about his struggles from past days in person. What then also means that we have to give this album a different kind of respect (but no rating). Unless you can be ignorant enough to not give a damn.” – Tadah @ Urban Smarts 
“Their inclusive ‘hate the system; not the individual’ rhetoric such as “The only colour I despise is the green!” And their right-on incitements like “some of us must change the world to survive in its clutch,” coupled with their jam-session instrumentals mean that The Unseen are probably going to be more appealing to fans of acts like Asian Dub foundation, fun-da-mental or Rage Against the Machine than the uncompromising and deliberately controversial tone and stance of acts like Da Lench Mob, Paris, Ice Cube et al. Whereas the AOR rock world has the likes of REM, Radiohead and Leonard Cohen to keep its fans in a state of contemplative misery, Jiggyfication and its celebration of vacuity and apathy has consolidated its grip on hiphop. Subsequently, the emphasis has been shifted from the cathartic and edutaining properties of hiphop in favour of moronic escapism. Like a lone pebble in this ocean of gloss, The Unseen offer socially conscious feel-bad music because sadly, not ”Everybody knows..” ” Sometimes I love it, other times I loath all depends on whether you are prepared for your pop music to be hard work…” -Goldie
“Don’t get me wrong though; it’s not that Malik doesn’t have good lyrical ideas – he does. But listening to him rap, I start to wonder whether the field of music was really the proper route for him to take. See, all of the album’s lyrics are printed inside the CD booklet, but the thing is, they seem to translate a whole lot better written on a page than pressed on wax.”- Rap Reviews
“In an album of risky and singular choices, any mistake stands out. To The Unseen’s credit, these are few. “Trance Form” may be the weakest track, or it just may be a poor song to open with and the chorus on “Talkin’ Heads” may be repeated on too many times, but these are minor quibbles. There is an apology for “minor sonic deficiencies” in the liner notes but, if they exist, they are so swallowed in the tremendous music that they disappear. This album, devoid of filler, is a passionate, honest, experimental and traditional ode both to those who have stood up to oppression before and those who still toil under its weight.”


“Further and more on the calm side, while it still being intense, is the The Unseen offering “Beyond Addiction”, that features the poetism of Malik Ameer, along with the live instruments of his back up. This is comfortably left side, being also a confident step further in developing their style.”-


“It is with that in mind that I’ve embarked on a journey to bring you some real underground hip-hop music. First stop on that journey is Oakland California and a a crew called The Unseen, fronted by emcee cum spoken word poet Malik “Ahkenaten” Ameer. The brother and his band have been slangin’ harder than a bunch crack dealer for seven years, out the trunk & hand to hand in order for their voice to be heard. On their current project — The Nightmare — that voice comes through loud and clear, like one crying in the wilderness. With production handled by Malik and his band-mates the disc sports a stripped down vibe that blends programmed drum tracks with live keys and other instrumentation to give it a very original sound.” -Keter Tzadik  12/2000
“Okay, this is not for all people. Straight up. Then again, it is for all people. It will not solve the case of hip hop vs. live instrumentation, as it’s ‘abstract minimalism’, is stretching the boundaries of what is considered rap / hip hop. The courage is remarkable and deserves a nod. The lyrics are refusing to babble, as they are taking reality angst and makes them hearable for your ears. The sound structures are complex buildings that sometimes obey to rectangles, but at other times, refuse to do just that, like they’d be designed by Hundertwasser. And we can’t force that onto anyone. We can suggest it to everyone, it being a exciting chapter in ones one musical upbringing. But in the end, as some people in the jury will voyeuristically, and excitingly view the explicit and uncensored pictures of violent crimes, others are just disgusted. The same goes for this record.” – Urban
“As with any live band production may tend to take the forefront, but Aton’s lyrics are nothing to be slept on. Intelligent social commentary and a high energy delivery make him a very well rounded emcee and make this album strong in all aspects. The Nightmare is great on many levels and, depending on your love of music, this album will likely be more suited towards those with tastes extending outside the realm of hip-hop. If you love live instrumentation and like hearing new and different takes on things, you’ll probably like The Unseen. Open minded people enjoy.” – Noyz319
“Frontman Malik Ameer is possessed by frustrated outrage and so his grievances are not so much rapped as screamed, groaned, sneered, slurred and yelled like …”
The Unseen duet with Alex Foster (2000)
State Of The Art ep duet with CeeNeye aka Currency (1999)
Swamp Music duet with Alex Foster C.T. featuring CeeNeye (1999)
Elastik ep (1999)
Many Scars  featuring Herman Roberts III, Problem Child, Drift, CeeNeye aka Currency, Prac Nast, Jayleez, Big B, Relic, Ant Mars, AKIBA, P-NASTAY (1999)
MANIAC MUSIC=Figure 8 Nigga Shit featuring Herman Roberts III, Drift, Problem Child Da Menace, Cee-N-eye , Procnaz, AKIBA (1998)
Awkward  featuring Herman Roberts III, Problem Child Da Menace, Cee-N-eye aka Currency Infinite, Procnaz, AKIBA(1998)
Split Personalities featuring Herman Roberts III, Problem Child Da Menace, Procnaz & BALANCE (1997)
The Nymphos ep  duet with Herman Roberts III featuring Procnaz, Jared & Alfonso (1997)
ZOINK: The Man The Myth Thee Legend ep EP comedy music album featuring Zoink a bisexual god from a haunted house in ancient Grease and Jared & Alfonso (1997)
Jaded: Diary Of The Miserable Ones  featuring Herman Roberts III, Problem Child Da Menace, Balance (1997)
Bitter Doctrine featuring Herman Roberts III, Problem Child Da Menace (1997)
MYOPIA: The Art Of Going Blind featuring Carlos Becknell (1996)
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