((((((((((((!!!!!ROSE THE MASTER!!!!!!))))))))))))))))

lyrics from ALL THE WAY recorded in 1998 by ROSE available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ebone4151
“The playbook look like hugs and kisses/ and in a word on 30 inches/ what a thug misses/ (is check it out ) whatever happened in the past it was negligible/ cuz I’da seen the light if i didnt never kicked it with you/ (get em up hit em up) (how long?) How long?/ TIME WILL GET AT YOU LIKE, “FRIEND MOVE ON!”/ Eyeing my shorty on the up and in zone/ But more like shocked, I took the all for me/ and made it raw for me/ cuz they all for me/ we drop forward hits/ coming in coming out/ coming out? Which direction depend on the block/ Baby’s Montana at games/ hit Rice on the wangs/ light shining off everythang/ I mean -I mean it’s like Key lime envy in my path for cav/ got the heater in the pie but they cant crack crust/ 99 yard dash but you still got one/ through a minefield dealing with the real LIGHT ONE/ …hold on though. CHORUS: HE COULD GO ALL THE WAY THE WAY THE WAAAAAAAAAY” -ROSE {THE SINSEI since 1996} (my biggest lyrical and production inspiration of all time bar none!)

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