The Sunday Tribune Feat. “Thee Others” poem

Incredibly excited & thankful to The Sunday Tribune for featuring “Thee Others” a new poem of mine turned into a song on Thatmanmonk‘s new album Non-Zero Sum Game.Immeasurable thanks AnaĂŻs Pourrouquet for the photo that says […]

The Dodenhoff Session by Leron Thomas

Over the moon & into the sun about the Spotify release of Leron Thomas’s The Dodenhoff Session. Included in this brief EP are 4 of my favorite Leron Thomas tracks and one that […]

Which Richard Wright Are You?

Honored to have been involved in this Richard Wright celebration/ experience.“07. 11. 2019 at the @theredwheelbarrowbookstore, just opposite the Luxembourg gardens, a group of Richard Wright readers gathered to celebrate his work and […]

Blues Sur Seine 16. 11. 19

Lookin’ forward to rockin’ with ARAT KILO, MAMANI KEITA & BOMBINO on the 16th @ BLUES SUR SEINE FESTIVAL.(((((((See U There)))))))))))))