DRAKEFACE by Kasual T(rhetoric)

“99 percent of all the people we come across in life will subconsciously categorise immediately by your looks. Maybe thats why we like Halloween so much. A mask can deflect the inevitable judgement. […]

Ban Ban Ton Ton reviews Thatmanmonkz Non Zero Sum Game

Clarifying article/review/ truth-telling sonic-observations on the new Thatmanmonkz album “Non Zero Sum Game”. Massive props Ban Ban Ton Ton for writing an insightful to the point and inspiring article> {{{{{{{Dig it Y’all}}}}}}

VEINS by SteveAintLeron

Working with Leron Thomas on the new Steve Aint Leron project has been one of the fun-est recording experiences ever=FP_Quintet on the beat & me on the arranging & Steve Ain’t Leron on everything […]


  Always memorable & hilarious writing/bookmaking adventures with these inspiring beings= Bruce Edward Sherfield, Melissa Goddard, Rufo Quintavalle, Thibaut Narme, Iman…. Here’s the nano-documentary… DARE TO SHARE. A Behind-the-scenes look at how to survive the 21st Century […]

Les Yeux Orange Premieres Thatmanmonkz – Thee Others

Pleased to share the new Thatmanmonkz/ Scott T. Moncrieff, “Thee Others” from his new album, “Non Zero Sum Game” which I had the pleasure of poet-ing on with my bredren Leron Thomas & Pete Simpson. Massive Thanks @Les […]

Parasol Universe spins Djedet & My N.Y.

Shout out & massive props, Ieva Grigelionyte for featurin’ Madison Washington’s, Djedet & My N.Y. in this new blazin’ PARASOL UNIVERSE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST