POSTvote (Free download) MAD GLEAM PRESS

  Rite on Mad Gleam Press for featuring “Fear & God Do Not Occupy The Same Space” –Dick Gregory & Colorless Ones  in this new Addendum Post Vote Issue. Everyone check it out, it’s free. Free download! Please, pass it around! How can we possibly react to a politically hostile environment with hostility? Everywhere in the world the pendulum’s swing … Read morePOSTvote (Free download) MAD GLEAM PRESS

Hapi Centennial Thelonious Monk

Maaaaad honored to introduce In Walked Bud by Thelonious Monk in celebration of Monk’s 100th birthday yesterday on BBC 6. Merci Beaucoup Gilles Peterson for that mix & for premiering the new Madison Washington track Monks Point as an introduction & celebration of my greatest inspirations, Mr. Misterioso.