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(((((((9)))))))) Rapper’s Anonymous @ Berkeley Books of Paris, 22 July 2016


The best bookstore on earth.

Check out the site and you’ll see what I mean

Then when you’re in Paris,

drop by the store, graze the shelves,

talk to Phyllis and you’ll know

exactly what I mean.

(((((ENJOY IN JOY))))))))))

TONIGHT @ “WHAT IS EROTIC ?” I’ll perform new poetry

Cover Photo


It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for What is Erotic?, a pop-up show taking place in Paris on July 23rd.

The event is a one-night exhibition of art and performance, which will assemble poetry, visual art, music, sculpture, audio/video works, installations and performances, in both English and French, that address the question: What is Erotic? from a diversity of angles.

The show will take place in a private home in the 14th, for one night only, and guests are encouraged to bring friends and colleagues who might take an interest in this subject. Just contact us for the address and let us know how many people you’re hoping to bring. Guests are encouraged to dress to the theme.

If you’re curious, or have something to contribute to the discussion, please join us for a summer evening of expression and exploration!

Artworks by:
Chris Plytas, Agnes Butet, Nick Cash, Isa Kaos, Richard Dailey, Justine Gasquet, Sylvain Despretz, Cecile Jarsaillon, Severin Kron, Christine Herzer, Markus Hansen, Kelly Dochy, Kazimir Lee, Justine Carta, Elizabeth Laporte, Hector Pascual Alvarez and more

Featured performances by:
Ed Bell, Claire Finch, Rebecca Larkin, Leslie McAllister, Zoe Besmond de Senneville, Helen Cusack O’Keeffe, and 36.15

Readings and additional performances by:
Mary de la Torre, Anton Bonnici, Marie Gossart, Malik Crumpler, Antonia Alexandra Klimenko, Ferdinand Legendre, Liv Monaghan, Aurelien Jena, Missy Assink, and Henrik Aeshna

Plus interactive exhibits, installations, audio/video presentations, discussions, music, and plenty of other surprises (Including the rumor of an appearance by mysterious Ryan Galer associate “Russian Man” !)

With catering by The Peppercorn Club

Our very special thanks to Igor Petroff, Bruno Scotti, and Laurent Cellier of Le jardin d’Eros

[cover image by featured photographer Chris Plytas]




This new issue features a bunch of inspiring work by Melissa Hunter Gurney Deborah Adams Maddy Cristall David Leo Sirois Zahra Benlahoussine Antonia Alexandra Klimenko David Ishaya Osu Daniel Woody Leela Chantrelle Ingar Struthers Sam Farhi Chris Campanioni Boni Joi Cav Magus Ben Aleshire Thibaut Narme David Michel-Ruddy Mu GaduYann Rousselot Jeffrey Neilson Carrie Chappell Irina Rich Langer Alison Koehler Daniel Owen Eros En Feu Joan Struthers Lara Azar John Murillo III,Pedro Rosado Smoking Barrel Luke Marcott Jo Mortimer Tim Watt Thistle Jemison Hannah Epperson Frank R Hooker Jr Kaya Bailey Young NiNoKevin Ramsay Shavoo Vooda Brown Coco L’artichaud Matt Rosen Scott Thatmanmonkz Moncrieff Christoph Carr Derrick Bernard Harden Chozo Tull Moe Seager Rethabile Masilo Alex Seel of Order Vision.

((((ENJOY IN JOY)))))))))


What is Erotic?


Along with several astonishing artists, from several mediums, I’ll too perform a new piece at this secret location Saturday. Come out and let’s figure out what exactly Erotic is.