((((§§§§o0o0o0o§§§)))):::::: November 2014 Issue Seven of THOSETHATTHIS

tumblr_nevvdqZxKV1ry8r1wo1_1280 works by Alex Deforce alex_deforce-silence_de_la_medone_II

((((§§§§o0o0o0o§§§)))):::::: November 2014 Issue Seven featuring works by Pansy Maurer-Alvarez Alex Deforce Dalton J McGee Daniel Vidal Soto Sarah Graham Joan Struthers Jake Matkov Teresa Tulipano Genna Rivieccio Lauriel Michele Jeffrey Neilson Godefroy Dronsart, Rio Sakairi Angus McLinn, Romual Kaboré, Jacinta Liberates KREAUX, Derrick Bernard Harden and you yourself upon engaging in the experience of enjoying the new works. http://thosethatthis.com/
!!!!!!!!!!!HAVE AN EXTRAORDINARY WEEK!!!!!!!!!!
(((((((((((STAY BLESSED))))))))))))
(((((((((((STAY BLESSING)))))))))))))

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