“Dreamwaltzer” by Vagrant Lovers Now Available

Dig Vagrant Lovers newest psychedelic journey avec lyrics by the brilliantly unpredictable Kirsty Allison & all music by the untouchable Gil De Ray with some added synth seasonin’ by me. Had an absolutely inspired time working on this track with Vagrant Lovers, and many others… So, be on the sunups for more music to be in 2021 from these unique unpredictable creative maelstroms that are Vagrant Lovers.

OLAS UN BE KON Hip Hop Blog features & reviews “Drapetomania” by The Unseen feat. Malik Ameer for Digital Cratediggin’

Just found this new 2020 feature & brief review of my first legit label released album/ lyric booklet “Drapetomania” by The Unseen on #HipHopInfinity” released back in 2001 (I was 19 years young then living with my parents & older brother Balance, in Oakland California) with all music, production & mixing from THE UNSEEN= myself, Alex Foster (piano, bass, keyboard, arrangements + AKAI MPC 2000 drum programming ) BALANCE (on production & the Mpc 2000) & lastly, guitar from 3/5 Human!

Massif merci beaucoup  Olas un Bekons & The Digital Cratediggin’ fam‘ for the brief yet wonderfully honest review. Eye never thought that 20 years later it’d find ears, but eye’m beyond gracious & humbled that it has.

Immeasurable Thanks to everyone who worked on this album especially Jay Seagraves & Noyz319 for creating an unmatched outlet for all Us weird, bizarre, experimental underground rappers, who deliberately developed so-called “Internet Rap” on forum boards offered by all those underground Hip Hop websites such as Hip Hop Infinity, UGSMAG, UKHH & on & on.

(((((((((BLESS UP Y’ALL}}}}}}}}

Postscript Magazine new “NOISE” Issue 35 includes “My Coffee,”

“Drawing on the rhythmic flow of rap, this poem emerges from the incomparable buzz of a coffee cup”- Postscript Magazine
massif merci beaucoup @postscriptmag1 for pairing “My Coffee,” with the captivating artwork of Myriam Louise Taleb in this inspiring & refreshing new issue of Postscript Magazine #35 “NOISE” full of exciting writing & art. Diiiig it Y’all

“Remember The Nights (feat DJ Jay Scarlett)” & “My Coffee,” exclusively premiered on BBS TAKEOVER on Threads* Radio

Massive merci beaucoups Black Beacon Sound crew (aka my comrades in creativity= Benny Maths & Priminho) for inviting/including/commissioning these two new/ exclusive tracks to premiere on their THREADS* RADIO Sheffield show last Friday night.
So, the new tracks, “Remember The Nights” (feat. DJ Jay Scarlett on drums & percussion) & “My Coffee,” all mastered by Thatmanmonkz.
{{{{{{ENJOY IN JOY)))))))))))))

“The Rest Is Now” full series of lockdown poems, published in The Isolation Collection: Amerika Room II

Massive merci beaucoup THE ISOLATION COLLECTION Amerika Room 2 (based in Prague) for not only including an excerpt of my new poetry/ collage collaborations in their exceptional exhibition of international artists’ creations during the Covid lockdown, but also for including a link to the full “The Rest Is Now” series here with accompanying collages by ANAÏS POURROUQUET.

Pan Amsterdam’s “Ha Chu” & TheDeadCanRap’s “The Dead Can Rap” albums reviewed in The Wire Issue 443 – January 2021

Immeasurable props @GingerSlim for blazin’ pages in the The Wire Issue 443 – January 2021 with your always insightful & on-point reviews of 2 projects I had the honour of working on this year, “Ha Chu” avec my bredren Pan Amsterdam @panamsterdam11 & “The Dead Can Rap” avec my comrades Mike Ladd et Remi Rough @TheDeadCanRap1