BBC 6 ALBUM OF THE DAY= “HA Chu” by Pan Amsterdam

FELICITATIONS< Pan Amsterdam Music & the entire Def Pressé tribe on gettin’ BBC Radio 6 Music ALBUM OF THE DAY. What an inspirational time we had crafting this transcontinental collaboration of an album between New York, London, Paris, and all stops in between. If you haven’t got your copy yet, cop it.
Massive shout outs to @jason_williamson_ @jimigoodwin, that @guts_puravida, @mrshnbeats, @iggypopofficial.

Essential Reading= Dr. Florence Ladd’s inspiring article “Destination Paris 2020”

An Absolutely inspiring and essential read from one of my long time inspirations, academic motivators and civil rights hero, Dr. Florence Ladd (Howard University alum, retired Harvard professor & W.E.B. Dubois Medal recipient). Each and every word eloquently illustrates her experiences in the u.s. & abroad, for decades that’ve contributed to her need for her newest necessary destination, Paris. Enjoy in joy, and share widely.Massif mercis Paris Lit Up for featuring such an intriguing article.

“Play The Game” PROC NAZ brand new video/single, beat by Malik Ameer

My East Oakland bredren and rap comrade of 25 years Proc Naz just released this FIYA, filmed on location in the ‘Town, beat by me. (1995 til infinity tribe) from 25years ago when we was ciphering all over the town, Fresh out the backpack with underground rap tapes all over the bay, to now , with short films on YouTube… Bless up Proc! For y’all who don’t know about the decades in this, now you probably get it. Herm’ would be mad pumped, rite Proc’ Bless up Herman Roberts III aka Vango aka Kashius Glacius.

¡DADA! 2020 Festival: Session 6: European DADA Superstars Part 2Tuesday, September 23, 2020 | 19h

Three Rooms Press is proud to sponsor ¡DADA! 2020 Festival: An international festival of livestreamed dada actions by contemporary dada artists from around the world. Hosts: 3RP co-directors Peter Carlaftes & Kat GeorgesSession 6: European DADA Superstars Part 2Tuesday, September 23, 2020 | 19h CEST (1 PM EDT)Jamika Ajalon (France) | Malik Crumpler (France) | Rafael Cruz (Portugal) | Ignacio Galilea (Belgium) | Jon Andoni Goikoetxea (Spain) | Marina Kazakova (Belgium) | Mark Kostabi (Italy / US) | Sara Maino (Italy) | Sophie Malleret (France) | Iulia Militaru (Romania) | Akim A.J. Willems (Belgium)This series will highlight the art and writing of contributors to MAINTENANT 14: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art, published annually by Three Rooms Press since 2008. Events will include performance, art, poetry livestreamed, and inspried by the theme of this year’s journal “UN-SUSTAIN-A-BULL-SH*T!” Prepare for the provocative, eclectic, and unpredictable collage of perormances by more than 100 artists in a series of lively sessions tracking European, South American, Canadian and US performers. Admission to all events is free. All events will be livestreamed to both Facebook and Youtube. Copies of MAINTENANT 14 will be available to order during all events.What is Dada?The original Dada movement started in Zurich, New York and Paris in 1916 as a artistic reaction to World War I. Many Dadaists believed that the ‘reason’ and ‘logic’ of a bourgeois capitalist society had led people into war—and would continue to do so. They expressed their rejection of that ideology through artistic expression that appeared to reject logic and embrace chaos and irrationality. In addition to being anti-war, Dada was also anti-bourgeois and anarchist in nature. Tenants of the movement continue through today, and are paraticularly relevant in the current global political spectrum.Three Rooms Press and DadaThe fierce New York-based independent publisher Three Rooms Press draws much of its inspiration from Dada and its legacy, including the beat movement, punk rock, pop art and the underground poetry and artscene. Three Rooms Press is particularly inspired by the life and work of Arthur Cravan.About Arthur CravanArthur Cravan was a pugilist, poet, larger-than-life character, and idol of the Dada and Surrealism movements (as well as the nephew of Oscar Wilde). In 1913, he published the original Maintenant, widely-recognized as the first “zine” ever. The current Maintenant series by Three Rooms Press was developed in homage to his original creation. During the course of a short and spectacular life, Cravan wreaked havoc on himself and three continents in an escalating frenzy of artistic mania. He arrived in New York in 1914 where he met the poet Mina Loy, then moved with her to Mexico three years later when the United States entered the war. In 1918, he set out on a sailboat from Mexico to Argentina and never arrived. His disappearance has been the source of broad speculation.I’m going live using StreamYard! Before leaving a comment, please grant StreamYard permission to see your name at

“A.A.R. feat. Malik Ameer” TRAXSOURCE #1 05/26/20 from ZITO MOWA’s critically acclaimed album THE KOLOUR OF WATER

Had no idea until now, that “A.A.R. feat. Malik Ameer” from Zito Mowa’s monster of an album, THE KOLOUR OF WATER (from earlier this year) got #1 on a TRAXSOURCE Top 10 list back in May 2020. If you haven’t heard the track yet, dig it.

Massif mercis Zito Mowa for including me on this massive album of yours.If you haven’t heard the track or the album yet, dig it.

Je suis, “BLACK LUDWIG”on Reverse Bullet’s new experimental opera/ album= DREAMPOP DYSPHORIA

Je suis, “Black Ludwig” on ReVerse Bullets‘s just released, thus brand new album/ opera, DREAMPOP DYSPHORIA. Rite on cosmic comrades= Kevin Ramsay & Meister Karlos for includin’ me on this enormous production with all these inspiring word-wizards (includin’ Jamika Ajalon / Jamika Ajalon & No Surrender) & sound-explorers. Dig this “recorded experimental opera/ noise/ poetry/ improvisation/ grande composition”.
{{{{{BON WEEKEND)))))))

Eye aka BLACK LUDWIG also appear on KOMPLOTTEN this enormous sound field, ancient-future narrative.

“Dreampop Dysphoria” par ReVerse Bullets now available for PreOrder.

Je suis BLACK LUDWIG (when eye exist in Dreampop Dysphoria)! Massif merci beaucoups Klaas von Karlos & the whole ReVerse Bullets ensemble/ community for including me (along with some of my favorite global artists) in this massively marvelous multi-media extravaganza that is DREAMPOP DYSPHORIA.
Absolutely CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS EXPERIMENTAL OPERA/ FILM/ ANIMATION/ GRAPHIC NOVEL that eye’ve had the absolute joy & honor to be a part of, emerge from the creative volcanic base that we’ve been working from for the past two years.

The year is 3666 AD. All music and sound projections are created and approved through the DvA Central Protocol, a multinational AI think-tank funded by the world’s governments. The DvACenPro was unilaterally accepted by the UN after a wave of suicides from popular musicians and the copycat cults of teenagers that followed. As a result, music is censored almost to the point of abolition in less privileged parts of the world. Instruments, musical education, and access to ‘ancient” music is limited to a class of chosen elite who horde and bury the knowledge of the past.
Five years of silence followed the DvA Mandate. In that time the world was besieged by increased activity of random violence unknown to humanity since the age of the Neanderthal. When psychologists and sociologists urged world leaders that music is necessary for healthy brains in both social and psychological levels of human health, a commission is created to control the issue. As a result, the DvA Central Protocol created a decentralized AI to generate an endless stream of state approved, commercial music. Using data from an archive of history’s greatest musical achievements, the DvA central protocol produces 777 songs per hour. The lyrical content is sourced from approved, sponsored advertisements available for purchase to the highest bidder. Governments, social experiment agencies, entertainment studios, tobacco and alcohol industries – all pay millions to use DvA as a vessel for their bottomline.

For eleven years , society remained at a relative calm as the DvA Protocols quelled the major rebellions with infectious tunes and numbing anthems. 100% of the music produced in the world emanates from DvA. The musical artists and performers who appear as the commercial faces of the industry are merely actors and mannequins, licensed and regulated by the world ruling bodies. Those caught performing “forbidden music” are executed on sight.

On the anniversary of the Great Silence, a group of dissidents, dubbed the “Dissidents” by the media, break into the DvA Central Mainframe and upload a virus nicknamed “Popkiller,” designed to disrupt and slowly destroy the brainwashing signals. Popkiller takes hold of DvA, corrupting its programming to produce an unpredictable output of noise, beats, broken melodies, and intercepted transmissions . . . 


All Songs Written by ReVerse Bullets
Produced by Klaas von Karlos & Kevin Ramsay
Mixed by Klaas von Karlos & Kevin Ramsay
Engineered & Mastered by Kevin Ramsay

ReVerse Bullets:
Klaas von Karlos – Direction, Production, Composition, Arrangements, Synths, Drum programming, Samples, Lyrics, Field Recordings, Backing Vocals

Kevin Ramsay – Production, Composition, Synths, Guitar, Field Recordings, Backing vocals

Album Guests:
Malik Crumpler – Lyrics/Vocals (“Black Ludwig” / “Komplotten”)

Jamika Ajalon – Lyrics/Vocals (“Replikant / “It Lives”)

No Surrender – Lyrics/Vocals (“Terra Incognita”)

Nakama – Lyrics/vocals (“Empire’s End”)

Nicolo Sommer {BIINDS} – Vocals (“Black Mirror” & “Komplotten”)

Jeri Hilt – Lyrics/Vocals/Drum (“Terra incognita”)

Kassandra De Jesus – Vocals (“Binary Doll”)

Chuck Bettis – Electronics/Throat (“It Lives,” “Empire’s End” & “Popkile®”)

HVAD -Sitar (“Komplotten”)

Xhosa – Lyrics/Vocals (“infinity Stonez”)

Angie Dinkelman – Vocals (“The Great Silence”)

Jean Goto – Vocals (“DvA” & “Popkille®)

Jen Pyron – Additional synths (“Binary Doll”)

Lara Brodsky – Cello (“Binary Doll”)

RJ Thyme – Scratches (“Black Ludwig”)

Kaya Bailey – FX (“DvA,” “Replikant,” & “Popkille®”)

John Bemis {murderpact} – Drums (“DvA,” “Komplotten,” “Replikant,” “Popkille®,” & “It Lives”)

Michael Byron reads the poem “Kitchen Sink (After Christina Rosett)” written by Anne Tardos (“Komplotten”)

Album Artwork: Christopher Logan
Artwork Photography: David Hawkins
Graphic Design: Jon-Carlos Evans

Recorded at EMS (Stockholm), Harvestworks Media Center (NYC), Funkhaus(Berlin), and Kasa del Karlos (Berlin)